Out of Beat – Available Now!

We’re beautiful even when we let these scars show… Danny ‘Madman’ Maddox isn’t supposed to make Skylar Haze’s heart beat out of rhythm. At least not anymore. She hasn’t seen that boyish face, always covered in a five o’clock shadow, … Continue reading

I want to be your muse! FREE e-book!

I’d love to be your muse, so I’m listing Walking in the Shadows as FREE for this week only. It’s also an excuse to celebrate my last week being the age I am now. I finally understand what my husband meant when he said he was starting to feel old.

At any rate, Walking in the Shadows is currently free on Kobo and Googleplay. If you have a device that supports Googleplay, I suggest you just buy the novel from Kobo, as they both support epub files.Don’t have a Kobo? No problem–as long as your e-reader supports epub you can download the file. That includes NOOK, most tablets and most e-readers with the exception of the Kindle.

Walking in the Shadows is a Young Adult Romantic Suspense novel. The realistic dialogue, refreshing new writing style and strong female protagonist who rises above challenges most would crumble under, all couple to create a unique, must-read novel. Here’s a sneak inside:

Tad slipped his hand into mine and led me back up to the flickering candles. He lit the match stick with another candle and handed it to me, but my hand was shaking too much to control the flame. Tad placed his hand over mine and guided my hand to the candles. He let go of my hand and took the match stick, shaking it until it turned black. I sat down in the pew and took a deep breath. “I have nightmares that they come for me.” “Who?” “The vampires.” I was not prepared for the laughter and I looked up at him in shock. He tried to cover his smile. “I’m sorry, it just sounds so—“ I cut him off as I stood, my blood icy in my veins, “Vampires exist in my world. Some psychopath decided that sucking the life out of a person is a fun hobby. Guess what? I had to stare at my murdered parents, had to run away from my past. You’re the only person who knows and you can stand here and laugh?” I yelled, and I ran out the door with him trailing behind knowing that he would have to stop at the threshold. I looked over my shoulder to see him with his head in his hands and his shoulders tensed with an emotion I was unsure of. I knew he hadn’t meant to laugh, and it was not so much the laugh, but the fact he had to stop at the door that upset me. No matter how close Tad and I were, we could not, would not be together. The hole where my heart had finally grown back after the loss of my parents was returning because of the very person who had filled the void.

~FREE on Kobo~

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My fellow Kindlers: I’m doing my best to get Amazon to price match Googleplay and Kobo, but they haven’t done it yet. If you want to try to get them to price match it go HERE and scroll down to the product description, choose Let us know about a lower price and tell them all about it being FREE elsewhere.