Review – Jackaby (Jackaby, #1)

Overall Rating 5 Stars -Book Description: 5 -Cover: 4 -Plot: 5 -Creativity: 5 -Grammar: 5 -Simile Use: 4(little to none) -Description: 4 (well-balanced) I absolutely love most things Sherlock Holmes. My favorite movie… Sherlock Holmes…my favorite TV show Sherlock. I’m … Continue reading

Review – In Plain Sight by Amy Sparling

In Plain SightIn Plain Sight by Amy Sparling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

-Book Description: 4

-Cover: 5

-Plot: 3

-Creativity: 3

-Simile Use: 4 (minimal usage)

-Description: 4 (well-balanced)

-Show And Tell Balance: 4

This quick, sweet read follows Maddie Sinclair on a journey of discovery about where self-worth comes from and learning that money doesn’t define who you are and who you can love. Having lived a rough life she’s thrust into a glorious life she could’ve never dreamed of–not only that, but the popular kids now notice her with her fabulous clothes and hair. She has a hard time adjusting but never forgets who she is. Colby is another story, he’s lived a spoiled life, but sees the issues that can come from it. Despite being one of the ‘rich kids’ he wants to define who he is based on the way he handles life, not based on his parents financial status. This coming of age story shows two sides to learning who you are and has the perfect dash or romance. I’m looking forward to book two and learning more about some of the supporting characters.

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Review – Waistcoats & Weaponary by Gail Carriger

Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger My rating: 5 of 5 stars Overall Rating 5 Stars -Book Description: 5 -Cover: 5 -Plot: 5 -Creativity: 5 -Grammar: 5 -Simile Use: 5 (minimal usage) -Description: 5 (used perfectly) -Show And Tell Balance: … Continue reading

What if…Every Story Has Two Sides

ScarboroughScarborough by Ellen L. Ekstrom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ellen Ekstrom has done it again. She’s woven a rich tapestry of elegant descriptions. It’s pretty well known if you look at any of my reviews that I find many descriptions tedious, but that is not so with the writing found in this novel, nor the first novel in the series. The description is added in the right places to add a richness to the book, yet doesn’t make the reader feel as though they aren’t allowed to use their imagination. The characters, ah, yes. I fell in love with Quinn in Tallis, but here I really got to know him. Oh, Quinn you make me want to slap you…you’re so damaged and wonderful all at once. I was ill at the point I felt this and even though I felt like my dinner was going to make another appearance I kept reading, entranced. We saw Alice here, but in a different light. We got to see how Quinn felt as he hurt her and we began to understand what really happened. I felt the realization of why Quinn was the way he was with Alice at the same time he felt it. I really felt a connection with him, as if he were a friend that I was watching by hitting the “repeat” button. I felt even better about the whole story because where I loved Tallis and the writing; I can truly say it confused me. Scarborough cleared everything up for me, and I can’t wait to read the next novels in the series. To wrap up, the novel had the ending that I had been waiting for. I wanted to understand how Alice and Quinn ended up together and I did. Their live together is like a patchwork quilt made of t-shirts, ruined, beaten, yet still beautiful, soft and comforting all at once. I hate similes but in this case I am fine with one, as there really isn’t much else of a way to describe it, although, I’m sure Ekstrom could, and very elegantly as always–even if it’s brutal.

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You Kill Me (In A Goodway)

That’s right…It’s Monday again! On this Music Monday, I’ve decided to honor one of my blog tour stops bloggers–Kylee, THIS one is for you! Kylee and I connected in a reading group, but once we were friends I noticed that we both have very good taste in music! I’ve enjoyed not only discussing novels, but music with her! Now, from this I know that her favorite band and unhealthy obsession (or so she says, I on the other hand, don’t feel that music can be unhealthy…well, except for death metal…scary!) is Sleeping with Sirens.

SONG: You Kill Me (in a good way)

ARTIST: Sleeping with Sirens

CD: With ears to hear and eyes to see

GENRE: Post-hardcore, Pop Rock


I know that hope weighs on your mind, lost within the seams,
it seems like we lose ourselves in between.
But the harder things become, the harder you push away.
Oh baby, yeah baby, it kills me.

You said it, you said it
I’ll take you at your word.
These promises that you can’t keep,
it’s getting harder to hold on.
You said it, you said it
don’t ever let me fall.
Don’t give up because you’re losing
(you haven’t lost).

In time you’ll find that we can sober up,
clean up any dirt so we can open up.
These wounds have been open for forever now.
Come on, be strong.
Your mind has gotten the best of you.
You’ve done enough and you are enough.
Let’s fall asleep tonight,
I’ll hold you close and show you you’re not broken.

You said it, you said it
I’ll take you at your word.
These promises that you can’t keep,
it’s getting harder to hold on.
You said it, you said it
don’t ever let me fall.
Don’t give up because you’re losing

(Hold on)

Don’t you think if it’s meant to be, it will be?
Don’t you think things will work out eventually?
Hold on.

You said it, you said it
I’ll take you at your word.
These promises that you can’t keep,
it’s getting harder to hold on.
You said it, you said it
don’t ever let me fall.
Don’t give up because you’re losing.

ANALYSIS: Okay, so at first I thought…man, this sounds like Sky Lit Drive, which I can only tolerate in very small doses. It is similar, and the singer sounds so much like Sky Lit Drive, but when the screaming kicks in on this song–well, that sold me. What else sold me? Solid riffs, and lyrics. I’m quite enjoying the “repeat” feature here. The lead singer sounds slightly female from the high tone in his voice, which is why I automatically thought Sky Lit Drive. My husband mentioned something about Coheed and Cambria, but I know the name, but not the band. The issue with a lot of metal is that, for me, sometimes the artists start to blend into each other. The first time I heard this band was on my Blessthefall radio (FYI Blessthefall is one of my top ever bands), and I honestly thought it was this song because I felt the same way then.

Here is Kylee’s review on her blog Babbling of a Bookaholic:

Title: Walking in the Shadows
Author: Cassandra Giovanni
Published: October 27th, 2012
Book rating: 4 stars
Cover rating: 5 stars
Having read Cassandra’s debut novel In Between Seasons I must point out I feel like this book showed a different style of writing and she can definitely pull of both! In her debut novel she told the story of Kate and Hunter through dialogue. In Walking she tells the story in a completely different way and after reading her first novel I had felt she could only get better as an author and I was completely right! I absolutely loved Walking! This book is not only a romance novel but a mystery. Tad and Abigail’s (I’m going to be using her real name, not the one she was given for protection.) relationship was so cute. I was cheering for them the entire time just wanting them to be able to be with each other and happy without complications or problems to stop them! If I didn’t like Abigail so much as a character I’d go and snatch Tad up from her because let me tell you he is SWOON worthy!! This man is drop dead sexy and so, so sweet! The way he is portrayed throughout the story by Cassandra was perfect and his name is definitely on the never ending list of my book boyfriends. I love how strong he tried to be throughout the book and how he ended up always trying to fight for his relationship with Abigail instead of just giving up like she suggested they do. Abigail was such a strong person, I can not imagine how difficult it would be to lose your parents from a serial killer let alone lose them in general. It was so hard for me to watch her beat herself up throughout the story and not see what was so obvious. She had been through so much and come out the other side, if someone was put in her situation half of them wouldn’t be able to come out as strong! I think Tad did a great job trying to show her how beautiful a person she truly was! Okay, enough ranting about how perfect Tad was. The mystery side of this novel comes from the fact that the serial killer decided to be psycho and follow poor Abigail to her new life. The killer decides to strike again and Abigail feels like she’s going to be next. I assumed who the killer was earlier on in the book but when I was actually told who it was I was completely freaked out. The killer is literally some psycho path who needs to be locked up in a mental hospital!! I loved the twist of the Crimson Reign aspect of the murders and I highly recommend you all read this book. The story was beautifully written and the ending was perfect, I was definitely tearing up! It was such a great book, I didn’t it to end.
Favorite Quotes
They didn’t understand, for we were Shakespeare and they were mere actors in the play. – Abigail

Seconds seem like a lifetime when the life you lived is slowly drained out of you by those who care not what you felt, hoped, or dreamed. – Abigail

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Consume the Flame!

Born in FlamesBorn in Flames by Candace Knoebel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First, the cover of this novel is totally awesome. It really depicts the main character as I see her. As for the book, I also thought the main characters of Fenn and Aurora were totally awesome. YA novels seem to currently be plagued by female protagonists who are, well, for lack of a better word, soppy. They whine a lot, and it gets horribly annoying. I never once felt this about Aurora. She was a strong person, who even when confused about what was going on, was determined to rise above it. She was stubborn at times, and you might find yourself telling her to just stop and think. This was actually amusing for me. She was so realistic. This says a lot for a fantasy novel. Onto the wonderful Fenn. He was realistic, perfect in Aurora’s eyes, but you were able to see that he wasn’t perfect. He made some bad decisions, but he admitted when he was wrong. That made him a strong character, plus his blue eyes reminded me of someone special!So, without putting spoilers in, the story line was excellent. It flowed nicely, for it wasn’t rushed, and it wasn’t too slow. At times it was confusing, but in a good way. I enjoyed this confusion because it allowed you to feel as Aurora did. I try to be honest with my reviews, so here is the reason it wasn’t five stars for me: I did spot a few times where the novel went from present tense to past tense in the narrative, and there were some descriptions that I wasn’t fond of. It wasn’t that they weren’t well written. I am just not one for lots of descriptions, but this is completely a personal preference and should not hinder your choice to read this novel. I recommend you do. This is a series that I fully intend to complete reading, and believe me, that says a lot, for I am not a fan of many serialized books!

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