Who to write for?

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Fan Fiction — Flattery or Blasphemy?

  I just put the two words together that authors love–but that’s only when they’re separate. Fan Fiction seems to be the bane of some people’s reading and author careers, while others embrace it. I hadn’t thought of it, outside of … Continue reading

Winter Warmup Blog Hop

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Howloween Blog Hop

tribal man

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“You realize,” Tad began as he pulled into my parking spot at my apartment, “that I’m not going to let you stay alone tonight.”
“What if someone sees your car is still here in the morning?” I asked, but I didn’t want to fight it. I needed him.
“We’ve gone over this before,” he reassured me, his eyes locked on mine. “My friend will vouch for me.”
“You mean lie for you?”
“He knows about us, Vera. It came out in conversation when he asked why we broke up and why I’d been so moody or whatever,” Tad explained, his hand warm on my back.
“Really? I made you moody?” I asked, opening my apartment door.
“Depressed is more like it.”
“Join the club,” I replied, sliding his jacket off and handing it back to him. He stared down at it with his lips in a stern line.
“I wish I was a more admirable boyfriend to you. I would much rather be that than your teacher.”
“I enjoy your teaching…but I do enjoy you being my boyfriend more. It just can’t be,” I replied, and his response was silence so I continued, “I should go change. You want your pajamas?”
“Wait—did you get to slow dance at all?” Tad asked, and I shook my head. He fiddled with his phone before putting it down on the coffee table and holding his hand out. “May I have this dance?”
“No, we shouldn’t. You should go home…it’s too hard to have you here and then tomorrow I’ll be in your classroom again as your student. It’s so easy for you to go from here to there,” I whispered, my voice trailing off.
“You have got to know…” Tad cried out, throwing his hands up. “You have to know this is not easy on me either. I see you almost every day as my student, and I have to fight myself…who I really am—you know it. You’re so sensible about this whole thing, everything, you’re just so strong. I wish I could be like you and forget all the pain.”
“It’s a farce Tad, I’m not strong. I feel like there’s a train heading straight towards me. You were what kept me stable—let me forgot the past I’m running from. I can stand this every day class thing because you take the pain away…even if you’re only my teacher,” I explained, shaking my head as I took in his distress.
“You know what the real farce is?” he whispered as he pulled me into his arms. “That I’m only your teacher.”
I let him kiss me; let the nights events wash away from my mind and let the shadows remain shadows. Tonight I would forget what I was running from even though it was closer than it had ever been, for I knew I was safe in his arms.

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Fall into Romance Blog Hop

As a part of this blog hop there is a giveaway sponsored by me of an author swag pack and a grand prize of a $75.00 gift card from the blog hop host  http://www.hopswithheart.blogspot.com Author Swag Pack: a Rafflecopter giveaway … Continue reading

The Brutal Truth: Keeping it Real

    I have a degree in marketing. If you’ve followed my blog long enough you know that I am overly enthusiastic about sales, marketing and design–oh, and writing! When it comes to writing I am a panster, but when … Continue reading

Covering Stereotypes

First, I’d like to say that WordPress has been working horribly. I got 50 emails of SPAM comments that weren’t filtered yesterday, and now, I just spent an HOUR writing a post. When I hit the “Post” button my post was blank. Wonderful.  Now I have to start from scratch again. Yesterday I happened to come across a post by the Misfortune of Knowing, What Do We Want? Better Titles and Covers! When Do We Want It? NOW!. This article discussed the lengthy titles that no one will ever remember, but most importantly, the stereotypical covers that are often seen in Young Adult novels. The ones of twig-like girls, in big poofy dresses that practically devour them; not only this, these covers have no validity in the scope of the novels internal workings. AMB discussed one particular cover where the girl showcased that is sickeningly thin, has arms the circumference of a broomstick, snow white pale skin, and brown hair with blonde highlights. The novel’s main character is girl whom is described as having dark, almost black, ruddy hair and brown skin. The book’s main character is the exact opposite of the cover. Another thing to note, to those who have candidly told me that I need to eat a sandwich, is that this girl needs a big-mac with a super sized side of fries, smothered in a frosty. Why is this done when we spend so much time talking about the proliferation of eating disorders in today’s youth? It is because it’s popular and selling right now? I believe so. Publishers don’t go for what’s new and break-out, or what’s right. They grab for what’s worked in the past without any credence to the value of the cover of the book. This relates directly to my previous article, Cover Catastrophe. AMB’s thoughtful insights began my mind running over a similar stereotype that I’ve seen in the New Adult publishing world, but this time with the opposite sex.  Edward Cullen could not have put it any better when he said , “Does he own a shirt?”. The theme of a shirtless young man, typically embracing a clothed female has run rampant in the New Adult publishing world. Thank goodness the young man is somewhat more realistic than that of the stick-figured girls in the Young Adult covers. The reason I say somewhat is because the young man usually displays some musculature, but only due to his innate scrawniness. They don’t really display real men–they usually aren’t that thin, nor are they completely hairless except for a bit of scruff on the face–at least this is my observation. I don’t like that ‘I have muscles because my body fat is only 5%’ look. I don’t want my man to weigh the same or less than me. I want to know that he can pick me up and wrap me in his arms without  breaking. The thing that really struck out to me was the similarities to these New Adult covers and the covers of the trashy-romances New Adult is touting it is not. Those harlequin novels only have ONE difference, the men are roided to an inch of their lives. As a New Adult author I have been astonished and aggravated by the media spin that New Adult is simply smutty Young Adult. Unfortunately, I must admit that now I am starting to understand the misunderstanding that created this situation. We are putting New Adult covers on the market that look exactly to the tune of what we are saying we aren’t. Sure, the men are more boys than men, but they are still shirtless and posed in sexy positions of power over their women. My point is, we cannot begin to annihilate the stereotype that the media has driven that New Adult is Young Adult gone trashy without admitting that we are somewhat at fault for the situation. I’m not a feminist, but woman (myself included) often wonder why that other woman doesn’t leave more to the imagination–these covers are just the same, except with men. Reading is about using our imaginations, is it not? It’s about being engrossed in another world, in other characters and falling in love with them. We can use those imaginations to not only infer those steam scenes without the gaudy details, but to imagine covers that are better than what we have done.  In my opinion the cover should be an important scene in the novel, or showcase the main character in a light that will help the reader–if New Adult isn’t smut then why are 95% of the covers sexual scenes? I implore my fellow New Adult authors to think about this. The only way to change the impression that the media has is to SHOW that we aren’t what they say we are. The thing that SHOWS the most on the book is the cover. Let’s leave a little to the imagination and show that sex isn’t the most important part of New Adult. Actions speak louder than words–covers speak louder than our crossed arms saying it’s not Young Adult Smut.

smut tastic

Just One Cup 50% Ready for the Editor

JEFFSo first, I’d like to apologize for my lack of regimen in my posts as of late. I haven’t posted anything on Sales for quite a few weeks, but that’s because I’m working on sales! That’s the thing about writing a book, when it comes to the final stretch it’s hard to concentrate on anything but editing. My life has been quite hectic besides this as well, and on top of it I’ve had severe headaches almost everyday for two weeks. I’ll be starting another semester of school shortly, almost on spot with the release of Just One Cup, and even more stressful stuff. At any rate, you don’t want to hear excuses. I promise once JOC is off to the editor I will start up Sales Saturday again. I have a book full of ideas that I just haven’t had the time to type up. The last two parts of the marketing plan, book swag, and professionalism vs. personality, to just name a few. I digress, the main point is here are the updates for the editing process over the last week:

05/18 100.0% “Now I need to upload the changes to word…my list favorite part !!!”
05/21 page 95 27.0% “Ha…some typos are just funny: “I don’t want the band to bounce on you just yet…” *giggles to self* boy, am I glad I found that one…” 1 comment
05/21 page 163 47.0% “Love it when someone gets slapped! Go Emma! (Hey, I couldn’t kill anyone off…so someone had to get their butt handed to them, right?) ;)”