Do you take requests to do reviews of other authors?

  1. I never accept review copies from other authors. If asked I will politely decline and advise that I will look at the book description, and if interested, I will purchase the book and review it in my own time.
  2. I will no longer post reviews of Self-Published or Independent Authors that are three stars and under. I will rate the novel as is such on Goodreads, and post that the author may contact me for a full review if they are interested. I will not rate novels under three stars of authors I personally know or have an acquaintance with. This creates a blackmail situation in which I do not wish to be involved.
  3. I will follow the following format when reviewing novels:
  • Star Ratings can and may have 1/2 Stars
  • Each Review will include an Overall Star Rating
  • Each Review will be broken down into the following individual Star Ratings with explanations for the ratings:

-Book Description: 1-5 Stars; 5 being the best

-Cover: 1-5 Stars; 5 being the best

-Plot: 1-5 Stars; 5 being the best

-Creativity: 1-5 Stars; 5 being the best

-Grammar: 1-5 Stars; 5 being error free (this will NEVER happen, not even with major pubbed books)

-Simile Use: 1-5 Stars; 5 stars being the best, meaning no similes were used. 1 meaning similes were used in excess and pulled me out of the novel.

-Description: 1-5 Stars; 5 being the best

-Show Not Tell: 1-5 Stars; 5 being the best- dialogue driven without excessive and obtrusive description

How do you handle reviews of your novels?

Additionally, please keep the following in mind for reviews of my novels:

  1. I do not respond to negative reviews of my own novels, but I may, at my discretion, respond to positive reviews.
  2. I never pay for reviews.
  3. I do directly contact bloggers to request reviews.
  4. I will never ask a reviewer to not post a review because it doesn’t show my novel in the best light. That is their right. If they are a part of the blog tour for the release of the novel that is hosted by myself and/or my publisher, I will state that I prefer the review not be posted as a part of the tour–but I do not require/condemn it.
  5. You can contact me if you would like to review any of my novels via the contact me option in the website toolbard.
  6. I hold the right to not read each and every review that is written for my novels.
  7. I disclose that I do not read reviews of my novel that are personal attacks (yes, these do happen).
  8. I disclose that I do not tend to read reviews that are 2 stars or under.
  9. I respect a reviewer’s opinion. I acknowledge that my writing style is not for everyone.
  10. Don’t be surprised if I like a JPEG you created for your review and ask if I can use it in marketing materials, but I will always ask permission and give credit on the materials to your blog or you.
  11. I save all fan art to my Pintrest board.

What are ARCS & are they edited?

Advanced Reader Copies or ARC(S) are unedited galleys that are distributed by myself and my publisher before the publication date to solicit early reviewers; this includes both electronic and paperback additions. The novel is disclosed as an ARC with with words “Unedited Advance Reader Copy” on the electronic or paperback cover. The following disclosure is issued to each receiver of the ARC from myself and my publisher:

This is an UNEDITED Advance Reader Copy that will contain grammar and syntax errors. The final version of this novel may appear slightly different in content, but plot and characters will remain the same.

E-ARCS will additionally have the following disclosure:

This novel is a review copy for your use and your use only. This file is not to be shared, forwarded, or otherwise misused under copyright law.

The paperback versions will be used for promotional purposes and will also include the word “PROOF” on the back page. These will never be sold for a profit. Additional information and format changes may occur before the final version is released.

Reviewers are asked to take into account that any copies (ARCs) given before the publishing date contain such errors.

Do you edit or do beta reading for other authors?

I do edit on on occasion under a pen name. If you’re interested, please contact me. I also beta read, but it’s hard for me to pull the ‘editor’ out of myself to do so–therefore, I consider it one in the same.

Who designs your covers?

I design my covers under my photography and graphic design company Gio Design Studios. You can learn more by visiting our website at http://www.giodesignstudios.wordpress.com.

As a side note, I have a degree in marketing and have undertaken studies in both photography and graphic design.

You write a lot of genres–what genre is your website focused on?

While I have published Young Adult novels and Children’s Novels, this blog will be utilized to promote my New Adult and Adult novels.With that in mind, please know that this blog and website may contain slight to moderate sexual content and language in Excerpts or Teasers.



6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Do you plan to write any more books for The Fall series? I noticed In Between Seasons is labeled “The Fall, #1”. However, there isn’t a #2. I would like to read In Between Seasons, but need to know if it’s a standalone or part of a series. I will read it as a standalone, but I really don’t want to become invested in a series if it’s not going to be finished. This has happened to me before 😦

    • Thanks for the comment Valerie! In Between Seasons is written in a stand alone series– meaning all of the books stand alone. If there are more books they will be about other characters, not about the ones in this book.

  2. I read the first two books of your Beatifully Flawed series in one day(got addicted pretty quickly). Do you have a timeline or any idea when Finding Perfection will be done and released?

    • Hi there!

      Thank you so much for reading my novels. I’m so excited that you’ve enjoyed the Beautifully Flawed series. I’m currently 1/4 done with writing the final book; however, it’s fully outlined and should progress quickly. I’m looking forward to a fall release. There is some minor overlap with my Boys of Fallout series, where you’ll see Adam in book two, Behind the Lens. To get the latest updates, you can subscribe to my newsletter. You can do this by clicking on the series and scrolling to the bottom of the page to fill out the form– or simply replying to this comment giving me permission to add you to the list.

      Happy reading!


  3. I love Love Exactly but as I read it I can’t help but wonder if the story is complete. Are you intending of writing a second book to this one?

    • Hi Susan,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed Loce Exactly. It’s a standalone novel, and there are no plans for additional books. I would recommend my newest series, the Boys of Fallout, which similarly blends music and romance, or the Beautifully Flawed series. You can get Out of Beat (Boys of Fallout) free right now for a limited time as well as Flawed Perfection (Beautifully Flawed) for free too!

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