Review – The Dire King by William Ritter

The Dire King (Jackaby, #4)The Dire King by William Ritter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

William Ritter seamlessly weaves the dry humor and mystery of Sherlock Holmes with mystical creatures through his Jackaby series. The Dire King is the final tale in the Jackaby series, which is narrated by Jackaby’s assistant Abigial Rook. The novel is set in the Victorian era America where not only has Abigail sought refuge, but many mystical creatures have as well. Ritter does an excellent job balancing out his description of the world as Abigail and Jackaby see it with delightful dialogue that keeps the book moving quickly ahead. I was excited to see the hint of romance we were shown in the last novel continue with both Charlie and Abigail and Jenny and Jackaby. This novel is my favorite in the series because it speaks to deeper tones of persecution and racism that we are seeing today, showcasing a world at the brink of war due to lack of open mindedness. The parallelism between characters shows hope can conquer all to bring back the light in even the darkest corners, and how love can make us better even when we’re ripped apart. The Dire King is the perfect ending to the series, tying all ends together and leaving the reader with a sense of hope for a better world.

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