The Rules of Love & Grammar – Review

The Rules of Love & GrammarThe Rules of Love & Grammar by Mary Simses

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall, it took a lot to get through this novel. The main character Grace has just lost her job, her boyfriend and her apartment’s ceiling has collapsed. So she finds herself back in her hometown, reliving memories of her past, including the death of her sister when she was a teenager. It would all be touching except for the fact that Grace is 33 and acts like a thirteen-year-old, what’s worse is that she regresses instead of progressing. Then there’s a ‘epiphany’ moment that is unbelievable, and it still does nothing to make Grace more likable. The writing is stilted at times, burdened by unneeded description with dialogue that feels forced. Overall, it was cute, but I struggled with the immaturity of the main character. If she’d been twenty, the events would’ve been more believable and maybe a bit less annoying.

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