Review – Jackaby (Jackaby, #1)

20312462Overall Rating 5 Stars

-Book Description: 5

-Cover: 4

-Plot: 5

-Creativity: 5

-Grammar: 5

-Simile Use: 4(little to none)

-Description: 4 (well-balanced)

I absolutely love most things Sherlock Holmes. My favorite movie… Sherlock Holmes…my favorite TV show Sherlock. I’m an unabashed Sherlock lover. I also love the supernatural. Author William Ritter perfectly weaves the tapestry of Sherlock Holmes’ eccentric personality with the paranormal in the first novel in the Jackaby series. From the engaging description to a plot that keeps you guessing, this novel has it all — even a hint of romance. We meet Abigail Rook, a passionate adventurer, who just happens to be a woman in a time where both of those traits are not entirely acceptable as she embarks on a journey to the United States and meets Jackaby (the novel’s Sherlock Holmes type detective). I especially enjoyed the twists on our typical paranormal (werewolves, vampires, trolls, fairies, etc.) in such a unique way. Just when you thought you knew what the culprit was, Jackaby would correct you — just as if you were Abigail — but in that unconventional way that can’t be taken wrong if you understand the character. We see a hint of romance could blossom between Abigail and another side character, who just happens to be a supernatural creature; along with that between Jackaby and the ghost of Jenny. Even without this hint of romance the novel is engaging and keeps you flipping the pages to figure out exactly what has happened. Balanced with well-written description for any sleuthing story and fun humor, I can’t wait to read book two and see where Jackaby’s adventures bring the feisty Abigail. And hey, if there’s more romance there, I won’t complain! Overall, an excellent start to an intriguing series.


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