Teaser Tuesday – Faded Perfection

Some of the last teasers before the book  releases on June 16th!

From Chapter 50!

Is Bobby the one who died?” he asked, and I watched as his chest rose, pressing against his thin cotton t-shirt.

“It’s all connected…it’s just a giant mess. You probably think I’m a coward for running…leaving shit the way I did,” I said as I put my hands over his wrists.

“Look at me, Riv,” West said, and when I did his eyes were locked on mine. “You carried too many burdens. You’re not a coward for knowing you couldn’t do that anymore. You said it– your soul is yours now. Without it you’re breathing but not living. How does it feel to live?”

I leaned up on my toes and kissed him once, pulling away slowly, our noses touching as I said, “Thank you.”

“I hope someday you’ll trust me enough to let me in all the way…to tell me what really happened,” West said as he pulled away and went to sit back down across from me.



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