Teaser Tuesday – Faded Perfection

Taken from Chapter 29 Faded Perfection, coming June 16, 2016.


“I’m sorry,” I replied as I stepped forward.  “I didn’t think you were ready to pack everything up, so I did it on my own.”

He stepped back from me shaking his head. “What else have you been lying about?”

My jaw dropped as I pulled my arms across my chest. “Nothing. I’m not lying to you–“

“Fine,” he said, putting his hands up with his mouth pursed. “Then what else have you been hiding from me?”

I crossed my arms as I looked at his chest rising and falling in anger. Finally I spoke, “I could ask you the same thing.”

He scoffed, shaking his head as he rubbed the back of his neck. He held a finger up at me to make his point. “One bottle — one — in a guitar case doesn’t mean anything, River.”

Lies. More lies. I stepped towards him and he ran his tongue over his teeth.  I needed to talk to him. I needed to understand, and most of all I needed an explanation for everything I was seeing.

“One bottle, dozens of receipts, not being at your job–” My voice cracked just as Adam cut me off.

“I told you I was out buying supplies–“

My chin began to tremble as I shook my head. I wanted the truth, but I was hardly able to tell him the truth of how I knew there were more lies between us than ever before.

“You tasted like alcohol when I kissed you that day,” I said, and Adam’s jaw tightened before he threw his hands up and turned out the door. I followed him, calling his name.”Adam!”

He kept heading towards the stairs as he held him his middle finger at me. The tears prickled at my eyes as he grabbed his keys out of his jeans. He never so much as swore at me, let alone do that.

“Adam, please–“

He cut me off with a shake of his head and continued down the stairs. I closed my eyes as I tilted my head back, letting them open to stare at the ceiling. Whip lash–that was what I had from Adam. One second he was fine, and the next second he was snapping. Something about the jersey set him off, and I found myself staring at it wondering what the hell that could be. I went back into the room and folded it before closing its box and turning to the ones for Tara. I chose the one with her makeup and other basics before grabbing a bag of clothing and heading back to the apartment. I showered and then sat waiting on the couch for Adam to return. My phone vibrated against the table and I grabbed it as my heart hammered in my chest.


What happened with Adam? He just let me know he isn’t coming.

I fought the urge to reply I wish I knew, and instead stood and grabbed my keys. The phone trembled in my hand as I stared down it when I got in the car. I wanted to type fuck you to  Adam.  To tell him I was done. I closed my eyes as the angry tears moved into my mouth.

My hands went into my hair.

I was so close to being done.


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