Teaser Tuesday – Faded Perfection

Taken from Chapter Eight of Faded Perfection (Beautifully Flawed, #2) Coming Late Spring.
Adam looked up at me, puppy brown eyes making my stomach turn. “Don’t be mad at them, Riv.”
“Don’t you dare Riv me, Adam Beckerson!” I said as I yanked him into the apartment and slammed the door in Mark’s face. I knew Adam made the decision to get drunk, and I shouldn’t be mad at Mark. They couldn’t control him any more than I could. I was madder at myself for letting him go without warning them how alcohol was suddenly his crutch. Adam stumbled forward and face planted on the couch, and I felt my body tremble as I sat down on the one stair leading into our living room. I put my head in my hands, chewing on my lip.
I should have taken the look in Adam’s eyes for what it was worth. It meant one thing—the bottle of SoCo wasn’t far behind. My hands moved over my face. Would Adam be able to get over this, or would SoCo be his only way out of his pain?
Time. That’s what he needed.
I stood and went to put him in a more comfortable position, remembering from classes in high school to put his head out so he wouldn’t swallow his vomit if his stomach revolted against the alcohol. I kissed his forehead before moving to the chair Bobby and Tara cuddled in on Christmas. I pulled the blanket off the back of it and wrapped it around myself as I watched Adam until I fell asleep again; until the darkness once again consumed me and quieted my soul. What was left of it anyways.


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