Teaser Tuesday – Faded Perfection

Taken from Chapter Six of Faded Perfection (Beautifully Flawed, #2)

“You okay?” he asked, and I realized my chest was heaving. “River?”
I breathed out slowly. “I don’t know.”
Adam put the bottle of water on the table, and my tensed muscles loosened. Maybe I was just overthinking his drinking. He put his hands on my neck, his thumbs tucking beneath the edge of my hair as he leaned forward.
“Me either,” he replied. “Sometimes I wish they were different people. That I didn’t feel this way about them. I mean, shouldn’t we all be supporting each other right now?”
I felt my shoulders rise beneath his hands as I licked my lower lip. “They don’t know how to support other people…” I swallowed before continuing; “They’d just drag us down.”
My body numbed as I watched a tear roll down his face, catching in his scar and splitting in two. As his eyes searched mine I knew the answer to how he handled his parents abuse and even how I handled it. It was one in the same.
The thing tearing us apart was the very thing that held us together–Bobby.


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