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Today I’m a part of the awesome Spread Some Indie Love Blog hop hosted by Book R3vi3ws. What’s it all about? Indie authors of course, and I have one who I happen to heart a whole lot. The lovely Mrs. Cheyanne Young– why? Because not only is she an epic author, but an awesome authorly friend! I met Cheyanne on twitter some time ago and very secretly purchased Motorcross Me with high hopes — after all I did Motorcross as a teenager, and a book about it had to be awesome, right? I was totally on point. The book rocked, and then I picked up another one of her books…and another…and another. I’m guilty of being a complete Cheyanne Young fan girl. Her writing style is natural and pulls you right in. Most of her novels are YA, and you can tell they’re written to engage not only YA but adults alike. I figured today was a perfect day to show her and the first book I read of hers some love, especially seeing the second one in the series is coming out in a few short weeks! Below is my review of the first book, but if you want to learn more about her, head on over to this interview. AND no blog hop would be a hop without an awesome giveaway, so don’t forget to enter to win an eBook of Motorcross Me, and head over to the other stops for more chances to win great Indie Books!
Motocross MeMotocross Me by Cheyanne Young

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Overall 3.5 star

-Book Description: 3

-Cover: 3 (original cover is a 4)

-Plot: 4

-Creativity: 3

-Grammar: 3

-Simile Use: 4.5 (minimal usage)

-Description: 4

-Show Not Tell: 4

Motocross me is a young adult romance that features a motocross track– what could be more cool? If she rode motocross! Nope, our main character doesn’t so much as touch a dirt bike, but in my head, at some point after the novel ends she does because she realizes how awesome it is! Aside from the fact this novel is about a sport I loved and even attempted to do as a teenager, the cover of the novel grabbed me–but not the one that’s on it now–the other one. I much prefer that one, graphically it’s more balanced. I find the new cover to be too saturated at the bottom, and the title doesn’t stand out as much.
As for the plot of the novel, it was good, but I really had to keep reminding me this was a sixteen year old to keep myself from getting extremely irritated with the main character. She seems rather immature for someone who is planning to head off to college, but she does seem to grow throughout the book. I appreciated the way the author incorporated motocross and the “motocross family” as well. The novel was a romance with a love triangle, which at times I just chocked up to the immaturity of the character. I just didn’t find Ryan likable at all, in any way, and saw right through him– I was hoping she would too. Eventually she did, but not until she made a series of really stupid mistakes. I did find myself skimming towards the end of the book because it became description heavy, but I was very happy with the way the novel ended.

Overall, this is a fresh summer read about a topic not a lot of romance books, or fictional books in general, really talk about. The main character had it right when she figured out motocross riders are hot. We need a few more of these, and a few less boys in bands, if I do say so myself.

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