Teaser Tuesday

  Erik’s nostrils flared as tears dripped down the curve of his nose, and I reached up to push them away. His eyes drifted away from mine and my chest tightened painfully as I waited for any kind of response. When his eyes came up to mine he finally spoke, “I don’t want my pain to change whatever is going to happen. Your heart is yours. When you make your decision, I want it to be yours without the weight of mine. I never want my heart to weigh you down like his has.”
“My decision?” I asked, and my voice was barely audible.
He put his hands on either side of my face, and he ran his tongue over his dry lips before replying, “Him or me.”
“Adam’s on tour.”
“You won’t be able to leave things like you did, River. You’ll need some type of closure…from one of us,” he said, and the tears weighed his lashes down.
“I won’t let you drown,” I said as I put my hands behind his neck and his forehead dipped to mine. “No matter what.”
He took a shaky breath. “I was engaged once…I was in love and stupid…God, was I stupid. Twenty two wasn’t a good age for me. I drank too much…and one day I paid the price. We slammed right into the tree. Sophia died on impact. I haven’t drank anything since then– art was my way out. I buried my pain with every tattoo I got– and then with everyone I gave. But it was always on the edge threatening to drag me down.”
Erik’s eyes locked on me. “Until now. But River, I don’t want you to drown for me. Never do I want that.”
“You’re the reason I’m not drowning,” I whispered. “I thought I needed Adam to find me.” Erik’s eyes dropped, and I leaned up on my toes to press my forehead to his. His eyes rose back to mine. “But I needed to find myself, and I have. I’m not leaving.”


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