Review – Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

Deep Blue (Waterfire Saga, #1)Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Overall Rating 4 Stars

-Book Description: 5

-Cover: 5

-Plot: 3.5

-Creativity: 3.5

-Grammar: 4

-Simile Use: 3 (some usage)

-Description: 3 (a little overbearing at times)

-Show And Tell Balance: 3

The cover of this book is certainly beautiful with its blues, greens and under water splendor, which is only made better by the description. It seemed to promise underwater intrigue and a fantasy world where girls get to be the heroes. I’m all about girls getting to be heroes, and I always wanted to be a mermaid as a child! I picked up the book with no expectations, but in the first few chapters I found myself confused and thinking maybe I missed the first book in the series. With a fantasy this deep I think it’s necessary to explain things a bit more than they were in the beginning. I understand you’re being thrown into a world, but the transition was literally rough enough that I questioned if I missed something. Not only that, it wasn’t as though this lack of explanation was due to the author using show versus tell– because there was plenty of telling– the size of the room, the color of everything and every minuscule detail in a room, dress or food. I would have preferred the effort in telling us about the scenery to go into building a world that made sense. As I went along and adjusted I became more accustomed to the story and background, but the inane amount of description continued. I learned to skip over it in the places it wasn’t important and stop and slow down when it was. As is such the plot and creativity was bogged down because of this and I didn’t feel the idea was all that brand new, nor the world. I must admit there were times were logic seemed completely out of the grasp of the characters and Sera seemed naive as opposed to caring. There’s a distinct difference between wanting to help and being stupid. She sometimes crossed into stupid a bit too frequently for me to just say she’s young and learning. Overall, I enjoyed the story and it was action filled, keeping my attention even while skimming over the unneeded description. I do wish the reader had been allowed to build a picture of the world with their own imagination within the framework of the world’s rules. In the end, I had to try to figure out the rules and avoid the description that didn’t allow for my own imagination to roam free. I look forward to the next book and watching the characters grow.

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