Teaser Tuesday – Faded Perfection

****Spoiler Alert****






In this scene River is talking to Bobby in a dream…

Bobby lifted up on his elbow, reaching forward and tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “That’s why this is so dangerous for both your hearts. Not to mention Adam–”
“I think he’s doing fine–”

Bobby’s eyes narrowed as his jaw clenched. “He’s doing as fine as you are. He’s following a new dream, because it’s the only thing he sees in front of him. You changed him — you fixed him.”

My throat made a choking noise as I shook my head. “I left him broken.”

Bobby’s eyes drifted down and then locked on mine, stoic as his brows crushed over them. “No, but you’re going to leave Brighton broken.”

“He’s strong–”

“River, you don’t know him. We all have choices we make, and I know you need someone–just be careful. He can’t help you find yourself again, because you won’t let him. And he’s not going to listen even if you try to push him away, but you need to be honest with him.”


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