Revew – Angel Time by Anne Rice

Angel Time (The Songs of the Seraphim, #1)Angel Time by Anne Rice

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall Rating 3 Stars

-Book Description: 4

-Cover: 3

-Plot: 3

-Creativity: 3

-Grammar: 4

-Simile Use: 3 (minimal usage)

-Description: 2 (overwhelming)

-Show And Tell Balance: 2

The author’s name on the cover, as opposed to the cover itself, was what made me pick up the book in the first place. There’s nothing particularly beautiful about the cover, but that’s probably why the name is so prominent– that’s what sold this book to me in the first place. Then there was the intriguing description that promised a dark tale of exploration and Angels. What I got was not really that. Perhaps, over time my tastes of changed. I haven’t ready Anne Rice since I was a pre-teen, and yes, I was reading Anne Rice as a pre-teen. I remembered loving it, so this novel by her with Angels and Assassins seemed like it would be an interesting mix. Interesting was not what I received. Instead I found myself embedded in meandering description with rambling run on sentences that never seemed to stop. The characters thoughts were as lost as the plot, each chapter jumping from one character’s persepctive to another, while filling us in with a burdensome amount of passive description. I wanted to care about Toby, but instead I found him to be dry. I wanted to love the Angel, but instead I found him annoying. Fluera’s portion of the tale was the only one that had any bit of interest in it, because only then did we get some dialogue that helped to show us the story as opposed to throwing it in our face through relentless inner monologue. Anne Rice has a way of stringing together words to make them sound lovely, but at some point that’s all they are–noise. A sound instead of a serenade, and in the end I found myself thinking I didn’t get much out of it. If you love meandering walks in monologue and description, then this one is for you. It wasn’t for me, and I doubt this name on a cover will draw me in again.

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