Review – A Little Like Fate by Cheyanne Young

A Little Like FateA Little Like Fate by Cheyanne Young

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Overall Rating 4 Stars

-Book Description: 4

-Cover: 5

-Plot: 3.5

-Creativity: 3.5

-Grammar: 3

-Simile Use: 5 (minimal usage)

-Description: 5 (very well written)

-Show And Tell Balance: 5

The cover of A Little Like Fate is a stunner, with beautiful colors and a cover that promises a sweet read. The description of the book had me even more interested, speaking of a journey of self-exploration with a hint of romance. A Little Like Fate is exactly like this, and more over, shows two people growing together and becoming a family. Robin has just lost the one person in her life who truly treated her as family, her grandfather, and because of this she’s a little lost herself. After all, he did tell her to quit her job while on his death bed. She appears to shrug this off and attempts to get back to normal life, but when she does she realizes how miserable she really is. So, with her inheritance in tow she vows to take on the world and find happiness–exactly when her niece, who she hardly knows, shows up at her doorstep–pregnant. Miranda is a fun, truthful character, and she along with her aunt, Robin, grow through out the book. When they land in the middle of nowhere, it feels a little like fate, so they decide to give it a shot. Once there they discover their grandfather once lived and loved in the very town they’ve ended up in–and when hot cowboy, Tyler, shows up it looks like it might be the same story for Robin. Except she’s sworn off men and love completely. Miranda on the other hand, pregnant and left alone, is still hopeful and begins a friendship with another boy in town. The two relationships build in parrellel to one another, and it’s interesting to watch both Miranda and Robin grow into an unbreakable family unit with their new found town-family. The book ends just as Robin starts to let people in and realizes that her and Miranda only need each other and this small town to be happy. I for one, will quickly snatch up the next book in this series. It touches on how some family ties are meant to be broken, while other ones are meant to strive and how not everyone is bad in the world. Although, it certainly doesn’t sugar coat the ones that aren’t. If you’re looking for a sweet romance that’s about relationships and real life, and not just sex, then I highly suggest you pick this novel up. You won’t be disappointed.

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