Welcome back to the fifth annual Black Friday Book Bonanza! We are just seven weekends away from the beginning of the best time of year – the holidays! Now is a great time to clear those shelves to make room for those new titles on your wishlist – don’t wait for spring cleaning time, hop with us now! So don’t go out and brave the masses; get cozy with us in your jammies with some hot cocoa, and enter to win some new-to-you books and/or giftcards while giving away some of your own! The hosts for this event are BookShelfery.com
and Caffeinatedbookreviewer.com, and with over sixty different stops, there are plenty of chances to win!
Also, while you’re doing your online hopping and maybe shopping, don’t forget to pick up Finding Freckles- Mystic Mayhem for FREE on Amazon only! And once you and the kids are addicted pick up book two– out today!
Check out the other stops here:

Enter the giveaway here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pick Up Freckles FREE here:




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