Let’s Talk About…Sex in Literature

First, let’s get this out of the way — if you’re looking for the song lyrics by Salt N’ Pepper, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’ve come here looking for something steamy, you’ve also come to the wrong place. Please redirect yourself back to Google. If you’ve come here because you follow my writing, blog, website or you’re a writer and you just happened to type in the right combination of tags, then welcome–stay, and I’d love to hear from you.

So, the reason for today’s post is…err…sex–specifically sex in literature. As you probably know, I’m a New Adult author–but what you don’t know is that in person I legitimately can’t talk about Stephen Amell’s abs without blushing–so you guessed it, even saying that three letter word in the title of this post makes me all kinds of squirmy. Unusual for a New Adult author, right? Yeah, for the most part it is. I follow a lot of New Adult authors and most of them say a lot more than that three letter word in a 140 character post on Twitter–hell, their teaser pictures practically show the act!

I legitimately can’t talk about Stephen Amell’s abs without blushing

At times I do feel like I’m swimming in a sea of people who are very comfortable talking about “closed-door” things, and climbing a steep wall of stereotypes within the genre. It was nice the other day to have a reader applaud me for taking the cleaner approach, because, in all honesty, I’m used to people telling me I just didn’t go far enough for them.

So here’s the thing — the way I write about sex in my novels is very much a reflection of how I feel about it as a person. I am utterly uncomfortable with the topic, because I feel like it’s an extremely private moment between two people–and my characters need their privacy! Besides, I’ve read a few of those aforementioned New Adult author’s books, and I have to be honest with you, the sex scenes just sound ridiculous. I mean honestly–who thinks those things during…it? I mean, really? Really? Either the author comes out and blatantly uses the words that just don’t sound pretty, or dances around the subject by calling parts “lengths” or “cores”. Again, really? Really? We know what it is, we know how it works, and I have an imagination I know how to use–I can fill in the blanks. So that brings me to the way I write–fade to black and fill in the blanks. I like writing like that, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t tested my boundaries. I have — in each book I’ve become a little more open about…it. Alright, fine–I’ll say it. SEX.

Now that is out of the way–I’ve been testing my writing boundaries lately and been doing things a bit differently with my newest novel, City on Fire. From writing in present tense, to actually outlining, to researching the topic of the story, but now we’ve reached that pivotal stage physical things are happening, and while I’ve outlined I didn’t outline when the sex would occur.

Based on the current timeline of the book, we’re about two weeks into the MC’s relationship, and there’s been some heated kissing but not much else. I leave Chapter 20 with a cliffhanger– because I’m at a cliffhanger myself. I face the pivotal question of is it too soon? None of my books have ever had characters who get that physical that quickly, but this book is completely different. The question lays in the hands of my characters– would the characters have sex two weeks into their relationship?

Levi is a billionaire playboy, and he’s had a few girlfriends since his return from the island. And yes, he did hop right into bed with those women, but Ana is different, there are definitely feelings attached to this that are a far cry from purely physical. Are they in love? Absolutely not–it’s been two weeks! So love at two weeks is crazy, but is sex?

I honestly don’t know. Ana hasn’t had sex in three years, so I’m pretty sure that it would be nice for her to get some action right about now. A part of me feels like it’s not crazy, billionaire playboy would do that–but then again–would he if he truly cared about the person? I’m not saying Levi is a scumbag–because he’s not–I’m just saying he tends to avoid feelings and go right to physical. See–that’s where this is all different for both of them.

Then there’s another big if–if I decide Chapter 21 is “the” one, how far am I willing to take it? I’m not describing lengths or cores, if that’s what you’re wondering–and I’m sure as hell not going to use the blatant words–but maybe there’s a different way I can do this that’s not…that. I think there is a balance that can be struck between too much and too little, but I also realize that some people will say Bravo and others will say I missed the mark.

In the end, I want to do what’s right for these characters, and, honestly, what’s right for me. I’m pretty sure if I’m squirming while writing it, it’s going to sound mechanical and cheesy. And then I’ll want Ana to kick my ass.

Want to find out what way I decided to go? Tune in shortly for Chapter 21 of City on Fire and don’t forget to sign up for Watt Pad to read the novel as I write it for free! Once you’ve read Chapter 21, don’t forget to vote and leave a comment on how you think I did!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About…Sex in Literature

  1. Haha,I really love you right now! I’m glad I’m not the only one that blushes at such scenes. I just told my co-author(it’s our first novel) that yesterday I was editing and got to a part that made me blush and they were just kissing! She knew exactly what scene I was talking back. And I’m not a fan of real steamy sex scenes especially the two kinds you mentioned! I often wonder when they are talking during “it”,if people really talk like that.I rather scenes where it fades to the back or it’s implied.

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