An Experiment – City on Fire

Any one ever heard of Watt Pad? I had through Twitter and authors talking about using it, but I hadn’t really thought about what it could do for me–or how to use it. Then I came up with an idea for a book– one completely out of my norm for what I write. I figured, what the heck, I’ll take a shot at it. I decided Watt Pad was the way to go due to the integrated analytical information that would tell me who I was reaching and how. Plus the ability to use it easily on my iPad, crappy Galaxy cell phone and lap top meant I could easily add chapters any time, any where. At first I planned on being really stealthy about the whole thing– not tell anyone who I was, write with a pen name, that way if the experiment was utter waste bin material, no one would ever know it was me. Then I started writing the book…and I did something I’ve never done before. I outlined the sucker, mainly in my head, and very roughly–because I’d rather make stuff up as I go in general. I have to admit, it’s kind of cool to have check points you know you want to reach.

What came next? Well, the inevitable, I actually started liking the book, and decided I would just come out and be honest. So here I am today, admitting I’ve been closet writing. The truth my dear friends is:

I’m writing this book, City on Fire, and you can read it as I write it–for free, just by downloading Watt Pad–also free. Watt Pad will even do you the favor of letting you know when I publish a new chapter. Fair warning, I’m writing this in present tense– shocker right? It’s the first one I’ve ever written in present tense. You might not think that’s epic, but to me it is. I started writing full length novels about 15 years ago–and when I was a kid, I could write them during school (it’s kind of a no-no at my day job as an adult). Based on my calculations I’ve written about 40 novels. So, 1 in 40 is pretty epic, and it could be a pretty epic disaster. Cool thing is, you’ll be able to let me know by commenting on chapters!

I hope you’ll join me on this little experiment by getting on Watt Pad and reading along as I challenge myself. I’ll be testing new waters with incorporating research about the Japanese Shinobi (AKA ninjas), adding in some Japanese language, and lots of other fabulous things. From my mind to the paper, directly into your hands to read with minimal editing, which is another challenge, trying to write something without it requiring too much editing. I still want you to be reading a quality piece, despite the instantaneous delivery. Without further ado:

Portrait of an alone pretty brunette lady

I was born a child of the elite; destined to live a life of privilege in Sun City. With one decision I gave that all up.

The ones I loved turned their backs on me–had me kidnapped and tortured to protect their secrets.

They planned my death.

They poisoned this city, and I won’t let it go on any longer.

I will right their wrongs, even if I have to do it all alone.

I have a plan, and I am ready to execute it with deadly accuracy, but there’s one thing I didn’t count on:

Levi Bennett.

He knows where I’ve been. He’s lived through the same torture I have, and he wants to save me from my demons. But our demons are one in the same.

And some demons can’t be tamed.

Read City on Fire






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