Third Time’s the Charm?

Three attempts.

Three different covers.

And FINALLY I am happy.

Walking in the Shadows is the second novel I published, and it is the only Young Adult book on my roster; it very likely will be the only Young Adult book on my roster. I just honestly don’t like writing Young Adult. I hated being a teenager, and when I said I was a Young Adult author and tried to write Young Adult, I actually had nightmares about being stuck in high school. Seriously, I did not want to go back to that. So since this book was published several years ago, I haven’t written another Young Adult, but I honestly love this novel. Forbidden love, vampires and murder? Who wouldn’t love that? Plus, I kind of got to poke fun at…Twilight. Yes, that is actually what inspired this novel. It was actually the first novel I wrote after my two year hiatus. Yes, I wrote this book back in 2008–when I was a teenager. When I published it in 2012 I had a cover that was beautiful, yet it pulled no emotion–so I tried again–and failed…again. The first cover was actually better than the second, especially the paperback spread. If you’ve seen the old paperback spread, it’s just bad compared to everything else I’ve done. My covers are clean, crisp, modern. The first two for this one…floptastic. This one–sigh. I saw this girl, and I knew I needed this photograph. I bought it on a whim with no plans on how to use it–then I realized it was perfect for Walking. So without further ado…

Young pretty beautiful young woman outdoor portrait lying down in park in sunny day

new spread

What do you think? Is the third time the charm?

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6 thoughts on “Third Time’s the Charm?

    • It was a hard area to put a name, I tried numerous colors and the white with the black foreground worked best. Having a longer name makes covers a bit difficult. I’d rather have my name less visible than the title.

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