Now Available – Finding the Cure

I’m excited to say that my newest novel, Finding the Cure is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble in ebook and paperback form, Kobo and Google Play in ebook only.  But it’s not only my book birthday–but it’s also Paul McCartney’s! Yes, I chose a Beatles birthday to be the release day of my book. It’s been a long and winding road writing this book, filled with tears and long days wondering if I’d captured all the emotion the way I wanted to–the way I needed to. This book was a challenge to write, and I’m sure it will continue to be a challenge. Every book release is. There’s so much work that goes into a release, and sometimes days like these are anti-climactic. As your reading this, I’m probably at work staring at my phone and willing myself not to check the sales. Trying not to get too excited, or be utterly devastated.

Trying to remind myself exactly why I do this.

I love this novel, and I love all of my novels, but I truly hope this novel will touch you as much as it touched me. As Ellie grew, I grew. As Ellie cried, I cried. I truly believe this is my best cover layout, because to me this is Ellie; captured in some moment painfully beautiful.  There’s something stunning but haunting about it (if I do say so myself!).  Inside the beautiful wrapping I think you’ll also find my best novel yet. I feel like I’ve finally found the perfect balance of showing and telling, and I’m proud of how I’ve grown as an author and a person because of this novel.

So happy birthday Paul– and Finding the Cure!

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Ellie Abela’s life has been anything but easy. Tragedy follows her where ever she goes, and she’s been a lot of places. At twenty she’s lived in over ten different states, all because of her dad’s career in medical research. His career is just another list of the causes of tragedies in El’s life. He’s dying, and with every breath he takes closer to Heaven, Ellie dies a little bit inside too.
At twelve she lost her mom in a drunk driving accident, and in a matter of months she fears she’ll lose the last person she has in the world to cancer.
While Ellie’s life has been rife with sadness, Trent Wentworth’s has been a challenge. A drug-addicted mom and a dead-beat dad meant at twenty three he was the adoptive father of his two year old sister. Now at twenty five he’s working his way up the corporate ladder and a struggling single parent.
Each is searching for a cure to the things in their lives dragging them down.
Not all cures are black and white; not all cures save us–and sometimes saving isn’t what we need. Sometimes we just need to realize how lucky we are to be alive, at least for this moment.



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One thought on “Now Available – Finding the Cure

  1. Congratulations and all the best. You sound very excited about this book which means it is a good one!! You never cease to amaze me with your dedication to your writing. ❤

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