Piracy is something that most authors, musicians and artists may face in their career. It’s something that gets many a author fuming on tweeter, Facebook and/or their blog. My book is under five dollars, can’t you just BUY it? They kick, scream, holler, and curse. They count those dollars, and sizzle and fume. At first, I admit I felt the same. I saw those dollar signs flashing in my face and disappearing. My money! (kind of reminds me of Lord of the Rings…My Precious!) For someone who wants a career as an author, or as I fondly call it joining the “mommy author” club, watching the number of sites my books are pirated on increase was frustrating. That was money I was losing! I started really thinking about–I was thinking about A LOT of things to do with my career as an author (including saying adios!). Then I realized, overall, I was thinking about $$$ too much and not why I started writing in the first place. At five or six, or at whatever age I wrote my first story–I wasn’t thinking about money; I was thinking about getting that story out and then sharing it with everyone. At what point had my dreams suddenly mutated into being a best seller like Steph Meyer with more money than God? Probably around the point Love Exactly sold 600 plus copies in one day. Greed suddenly consumed me, and even though I still pushed out books I loved and that had meaning, when they didn’t sell any where near what I expected I instantly became sour to writing–to being an author. If I wasn’t making money, what was the point? The point, staring me blindly in the face, was the passion of five year old me. The love of writing was the reason, of sharing a story with someone–of touching someone. Then the epiphany, which I am sure will be unpopular, that piracy is going to happen, and I haven’t lost one penny because of it.

Here’s the truth– if they are willing to pirate it, then they wouldn’t buy it in the first place. Therefore, by them stealing it, I haven’t lost anything.

Don’t get me wrong– I still hate piracy. If every one steals my books, then I won’t be able to write as many. The whole goal of being an author mommy (besides having an epic title and an adorable baby with my husband’s blue eyes) is to be able to write as many books as my brain holds. My day job takes up a good portion of my mental capacity–and I’m tired so much of the time. Piracy is still stealing, so I am hopeful some of those people who stole my books decide to buy the others they can’t find illegally–or they realize it’s just that, illegal and they decide to support me by actually purchasing the book. If not, at least leave me a review.

I was thinking, look at those THOUSANDS of books of mine that have been stolen $$$$!

Now, as I realize, they wouldn’t have bought it in the first place, I am trying to think:

Look at all of those thousands of books of mine that have been read.

Piracy is inevitable, and while I will continue to fight to have the sites pirating my novels and the novels of other authors pulled, I will try to think of it in a positive light.

At least that was one more person I may have touched with my writing–maybe someone I couldn’t have touched any other way.

always, cassie



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