Trick – Or – Treat Bloghop


This blog hop is all about the best treats for readers and authors– books and reviews! I think it’s pretty obvious that readers really love getting books as treats, so the candy of this blog hop is FREE ebooks! That’s right, you trick or treat on my website today, and you get your choice of any of my novels for free from Amazon! How do you get your treat? Every one who enters the rafflecopter will win a free copy of which ever one of my books they choose! That’s right any of them! (Keep in mind–Walking in the Shadows is already FREE today, so just go on and pick that up right now over on Amazon)

There’s no catch, but let’s move on to the treat for authors–reviews! As an author, reviews are very important, so it would be fabulous, if you would treat me to a review if you enjoy the novel! Don’t forget to head on over to the other author’s involved blogs and trick-or-treat with them!

Special thanks to Patricia Lynne for coming up with this great blog hop!

a Trick or Treat Rafflecopter giveaway


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