Teaser Tuesday

1 Teaser Tuesday HeaderIn Between Seasons


From Show n’ot Tell Publishing

“You might want to release the safety.”
I looked down at the gun, tilting it as I looked for what he was talking about.
He rolled his eyes before reaching forward and flicking the metal switch I assumed would let the gun shoot. He gave me a nod as he stood back, covering his lips with his hand. I had no doubt a taunting grin lay beneath his fingers.
I breathed in deeply, letting the cool air bite my insides. If I could do this, I might be able to save us one day.
I took off at a sprint, aiming at each tree carefully, moving the gun a few eye lengths back to account for my movement. I shot, and kept moving, ignoring the burning in my legs and mind as I wondered if I hit my mark. I fired the gun six times before slowing and turning to see Hunter leaning against the tree where I had started.
He ran his finger across white area where my bullet had stripped off the bark.
“Good start,” he replied, walking to each tree and checking for wounds. When he reached me he crossed his arms. “How many do you think?”
“On target?”
He nodded.
First one was an obvious no. I’d grazed it and ripped its bark open, but nothing more than that.
Hunter’s eyes told me I was correct. I huffed as I looked down at the gun, copied the movements I’d seen him do earlier to discharge the cartridge and grabbed the one from my back pocket.
“Again?” I asked as I slammed the new one in.



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