Teaser Tuesday

1 Teaser Tuesday HeaderIn Between Seasons


From Show n’ot Tell Publishing

The woods flashed past us as he ran, holding me tightly to his body so I barely felt the movement. When we reached our training field Hunter put me to the ground, his breath a whisper against the night sky as he walked past me.
When he turned to face me his arms were crossed across his chest, and I felt my chest tighten. The stars reflected in his eyes as his body was framed perfectly against the moonlight and snow. I had never seen the ocean, but I imagined the way the stars reflected in his eyes was the way they would look over the water; shimmering despite the endless depth beneath.
I nodded at him, and he began to demonstrate a move to me. I watched in wonder as his movements barely caused the snow to crunch. All I could hear was the hammering of my heart in my ears and his breath as his he stepped forward to help me position my body to repeat his actions.
His hands gently slid up my arms as he showed me how to position myself to strike, but his hands stopped at my shoulders. I could see it in his eyes; he didn’t have the heart for fighting tonight. He wanted the peaceful farce the forest gave us just as I did. His thumb caressed my collarbone and his jaw tightened as my chest rose against his palm.
Hunter looked up at the sky, and the stars reflected there even deeper before he closed them, lowering his head to mine.
His eyes opened as his lips curled softly at the edges, and then, in one swift movement he slid his arm behind my back and pulled me to the ground with him.
Our bodies melted into the cold ground, and I placed my head on his chest as we stared up at the stars without saying a word.
For that moment, we let the farce take us over.
And for a moment, I believed all we needed was this feeling.
This hope.



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