Teaser Tuesday

1 Teaser Tuesday HeaderIn Between Seasons


From Show n’ot Tell Publishing

Hunter nodded. “Can I take a peek at your ribs?”
“Sure,” I replied, slipping my shirt off over my head.
I looked up at him as innocent as possible.
He swallowed and then placed his hands gently on my torso causing goose bumps to travel in a visible line up my skin.
“I’m sorry if my hands are cold,” he replied, and his breath washed over my bare neck, causing the tingling sensation to spread.
I looked at the ceiling as my heart began to race. I wanted to control my body’s reaction to him, but at the same time I didn’t. I relished the heat that flushed through my veins at his touch and the mere thought of his eyes wandering over mine so exposed.
“No, they’re fine,” I replied, breathless as our eyes met again.
“They seem to be healed quite well,” he said, and his hands remained on my skin, causing another rash of goose bumps to race across my flesh. “The fractures were minor, so I didn’t expect it to take long. I’m sorry I had you doped up so long—I didn’t realize they were healed so well.”
“So when can we start training again?” I asked as I tried to keep my mind away from the thought of his hand slipping just a bit higher to loosen the back of my bra.
His lips made it hard to concentrate as they parted.
“Tonight if you want.” Hunter let his hands drop into his pockets. “As long as you start cooking again.”
“For sure…your cooking sucks!” I replied, taking my shirt from the counter and slipping it back on.
“Tell me about it!” He laughed, but the tension between us still hung in the air as we stood staring at one another.
I took a deep breath and gave him a smile. “So, what would you like?”
His tongue ran over his lips and he blinked a few times before his hand went to his neck.
“Umm..whatever you’d like to cook.”



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