Teaser Tuesday

1 Teaser Tuesday HeaderIn Between Seasons


From Show n’ot Tell Publishing

I clenched my fists as I thought of the best answer. The truth would work.
“My family was a bunch of lying assholes, and I was sick of it, so I left.”
“I’m surprised they haven’t gone looking for you,” Mara said, her eyes narrowing on me.
I couldn’t contain the scoff that slipped from my lips. “I asked too many questions. They were glad to be rid of me. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t run away they’d have killed me anyways.”
Mara blinked at me before replying in a level voice, “I guess it’s a good thing you’re a POW then.”
“Better alive than dead.”
“It’s getting late,” Mara said, ending our conversation as she stood. “The men will be getting in soon. You should go talk to Hunter.”
I took a deep breath before standing as well. “I guess you’re right, I can’t hide forever but at least I smell better.”
“Thank God!” Mara said. A real smile came to her lips before she reached out and touched my elbow. “Be careful. It’s snowed the last couple of days, and the steps are really icy.”
I nodded and walked to the door, pausing as I placed my hand on the knob. I looked over my shoulder. “Why did you help me?”
“There’s something about forbidden love that’s always intriguing. No matter how wrong it seems you just want it to prevail, because it’s so right for those two people,” Mara said with a nod.
“You won’t say anything to anyone?”
“You didn’t say much I didn’t already know,” she replied, pausing before continuing; “but no, I won’t as long you don’t let anyone know I have a heart.”
I laughed. “Your secret’s safe with me.”
She gave one nod, and as I closed the door behind me I wondered if the reason she had been so kind was because she had just as many secrets, and like mine, they were different than anyone else’s here.
Ones that would get her killed.



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