Love Exactly Announcement

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Love Exactly is my best selling novel, it gave me the ability to say I was an Amazon Best Seller, and it’s still the book that is sold the most every month–even over my newest releases. This novel gave me hope that this dream of being a writer could actually come true. It took off like a rocket, became a best seller overnight, and actually made some money. It also bolstered my confidence, let me think I might someday be able to do this as a job–that it could only get better. Except, it didn’t. This year has not gone well in terms of sales. Love Exactly still sells around 20 copies a month, but none of my other novels have taken off; most notably, In Between Seasons, which released two weeks ago and has sold a whopping 20 copies. Enough about that though, this post is about Love Exactly. When I first wrote the novel, I wrote it as a stand alone novel; there was never supposed to be a sequel. As the sales rolled in and readers asked for a sequel, I caved– it was selling, so shouldn’t I give the reader what they wanted? The thing was, even then, I had no clue where I could go with that ending. It was clear to me, Emma and Evan get married, live happily ever after–the end–so how could I make another novel out of that? Until recently I figured I would just pull something out, but I’ve never been a fan of forcing writing. I thoroughly believe that the reader can see this. After the dismal sales of this year, it was time to sit down with Show n’ot Tell Publishing and make some decisions, one of them being relating to the proposed sequel to Love Exactly named Overexposed. As the name suggested, I was going to put my characters through another ringer, I had an idea, but I didn’t have faith in it. The truth is, I don’t really want to do that to Emma and Evan. So the decision was made with Show n’ot Tell to not pursue the sequel. I understand readers want to know what happened in print, besides what I am saying here, so we came to an agreement– you will see Emma and Evan again; just not in a sequel. My current series, Beautifully Flawed, includes a musician too–but he’s a metal musician–the exact type of music Evan loves but doesn’t sing, because well, it doesn’t sell. The Beautifully Flawed series begins with Flawed Perfection (available now) and begins with a music teacher–well, at some point his metal band takes off. That’s where Evan and Emma come in. In the final novel in the series, Finding Perfection, Red Moon (Evan’s Band) and Fade Burn (Adam’s Band) will get together. You’ll get to see what happened to Evan and Emma–and they’ll help Adam and River deal with the effects of the band’s new found fame. So while you won’t get to see a sequel, you will get to see these characters again–in a great series that you can start reading today! If you loved Love Exactly, then Flawed Perfection is right up your alley.

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