Deirdre Roirdan Hall – Final Tease

Feature Friday

The very last post of this month’s Featured Author, Deirdre Roirdan Hall. This week’s post is another teaser, but this time it’s from To the Sea’s companion novella, Surfaced. Take a peak!

surfaced teaser

 Jamie straightened a few items on the sales rack outside the shop, before crossing the parking lot toward the water. Like the night before, he wanted to wash it all away, forget everything—sunshine of the spotless mind-style.
Maybe it was something about that place, the beach town that he only visited a few times a year. Perhaps he’d warped his sense of the passage of time, with his coming and going, locking him into the past, with memories of Kira. He drew a few deep breaths, relieved he’d be leaving for Costa Rica in a few weeks, another continent, and another world as far as he was concerned. He mindlessly watched someone shred on a wave, the last one in a set. The guy did an aerial and then caught the crest almost to shore. It’d been days since he’d surfed, shameful really. The following day was Sunday; the shop didn’t open until ten. He promised himself a dawnie. 
As Jamie sauntered back to the shop, he caught sight of Kira tugging off her wetsuit, baring her arms, then the small of her back. Her hair had gotten longer; it was down past the thin line formed by her bikini top. He caught himself staring until Ian appeared, fresh out of the water. It must have been him pulling those slick maneuvers. He pulled Kira into a hug. He whispered something in her ear, and she tossed her head back with a laugh. The sun shone so brightly on her. She glowed.
Jamie’s heart creaked with jealousy. He turned away and rushed back into the shop. Thoughts of departure, taking flight, and escape, flooded his mind as he flicked on his phone, ready to search for the next plane out of town. Lee appeared with the smile of someone who had no idea that it felt like the muscles and bones that held the man before him together were dissolving, leaving him in nothing but a puddle of salty tears.
“How is it out there?” Lee asked.
Words like miserable, unbearable, and painful choked their way toward his tongue. Jaime cleared his throat and then shrugged, not even able to lie.


New Adult



Surfaced (Follow Your Bliss, #1.5 )

Companion Novel for To the Sea

By eighteen, Jamie Burke was a pro surfer capturing the hearts of surf fans everywhere.

By twenty, he broke just as many hearts trading his prowess on the waves for sultry nights spent between the sheets.

By twenty-two, he lamented losing the woman who changed him. Then he disappeared.

When Jamie surfaces in his hometown in Australia, he discovers his high school sweetheart has moved on, but that doesn’t stop him from believing that she’s the one. He’ll do whatever is necessary to win her back, even compete in a surf-off against tough Mik Tanaka, aka Tank.
Awash on the shore, Jamie also finds pieces of his broken family—a father who took off, his disappointed mother, and a brother who has a secret—and it’s up to him to help put them back together. As he reunites with familiar faces, rallying around him, he might just have to redefine what family means.
Jamie spent years chasing a dream all over the world and doesn’t expect the waves to carry him right back to where he started. Only he can claim the treasures his return home by the sea offers: love, family, and truth. But as he fights temptation, sinks to the depths of despair, and struggles to open up, his biggest adventure will be dropping anchor.
This fresh follow-up novella, for the new adult novel To the Sea, takes readers back to the beach with Kira’s hot fling, Jamie. Book Two in the Follow your Bliss Series, Surfaced can be read after To the Sea, or as a stand-alone, quick beach read filled with romance, surfing, and transformation.


available now



about the author Deirdre Riordan Hall is the author of upper young adult and new adult fiction. She spends her days with her family, writing (what else?!) at the custom-made desk her husband crafted, or seaside, pretending she’s a mermaid. For a full biography you can go HERE.


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I mentioned that Deirdre is also a talented crafter! That being said she has a fabulous Etsy store, which she is giveaway one item from along with a copy of To the Sea or Surfaced– your choice!
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