Teaser Tuesday

1 Teaser Tuesday HeaderIn Between Seasons


From Show n’ot Tell Publishing

I turned my head so our eyes met, and my chest tightened. With just that look I knew we shared more than this physical need for our bodies together, he needed this feeling—one that I could barely understand as I stared back at him. This was more than the heat of our bodies…this was the connection we shared. His patience slipped away and his lips found mine again, now desperate with that feeling. It overtook me as I slipped my hands under his shirt and pulled it over his head, kissing the scars of war that forbade this love. His body trembled beneath me, and I realized he may never have lost this much control. There was no pleasure in this knowledge, because I was just as much at his mercy.
As if he knew this, be pulled me up, his hands slipping up the back of my shirt as his mouth nuzzled my collarbone, and my back arched into him.
I felt the smile on his lips before they left my body to slip the shirt over my head. He pressed me back into the softness of the bed; his hands trailing down my sides and then back up to push my arms over my head. His lips hovered over my skin as his hands tangled in mine, but his kissing stopped—and his breathing quickened as he struggled with the emotions overtaking us.
I swallowed as the moment lengthened, and I felt his forearms tense against my own.
“Hunter?” I whispered, unable to see his expression with his forehead pressed against my heaving chest.
His breathing increased, and I felt the cold tingling of fear rushing up my veins as he remained silent.
“What’s wrong?” I asked as his hands loosened from mine and he pushed himself up, still hovering over me with his head tilted so I couldn’t see his face.
“We can’t,” he said, his voice trembling as his body did the same. “Not like this…not here. I don’t want to give into what they think I should do.”



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