Teaser Tuesday

Brown paper package with torn section

Today I’m going to release a Teaser for the re-release of my bestseller, In Between Seasons. It’s being re-released under the publication house, Show n’ot Tell Publishing as completely revamped, and edited as a New Adult novel. The core genre, Post-Apocalyptic Romance remains the same.

“What do you know about The Fall?”
“I wasn’t even born yet…were you?”
“Yeah,” Hunter replied, his lips in a stoic line as he faced forward. “I was six when we went into martial law. It was the year after my mom died.”
“Do you remember any of it?” I asked, my voice gentle as I tried to measure how far I could push into his memory.
“It’s hard for me to forget.” His head went in between his arms as his hands stretched up into his head, and his voice was muffled as he continued, “A lot of the people here are old enough to remember, but choose to believe my dad’s version of the truth. Just like he always wanted me to, but I remember bits and pieces of it…”
“I don’t understand, what can a six year old remember of that?”
Hunter’s head didn’t lift, but his biceps tightened.
“I guess it depends how traumatic your memories are.”
“I…I don’t understand.”
Hunter finally lifted his head, and his eyes met mine.
“The Fall didn’t happen all at once. There were several years before total collapse occurred. We recognize 2021 as the year, because that’s when the government was disbanded…but there were four years between The Fall, and my dad finally coming here. He sent me here with the rest of the Tribe…and he had me trained by his best men.”
“So the bases were setup before The Fall?”
Hunter’s nostrils flared before he answered, “My dad started building this place up a few months after my mom died. He invested everything he had in getting things to here, and building this location to be ready when he decided it was time to leave. You left before The Fall, but we were all fighting over the same things once it happened—other people that knew how to hunt, blacksmiths to forge bullets, gardeners, those that could make clothes and then the supplies—things to keep this way of life we’ve been living for twenty years going. Imagine how much stuff they had to pillage to keep us this sedated. I still can’t fathom how they got everything here…” Hunter said, and I swallowed.
“You were so young…why didn’t you believe what your dad tried to tell you?”
“You and I are a lot alike…you were just born into things being this way,” he said, knocking his shoulders against mine. “People are easy to influence when the world they know is falling apart. My father took advantage of that and here we are…a world permanently at war. I just never was able to really handle the things he asked me…made me do.”
I reached forward to his hands, and he flinched pulling away.
“I’d already killed people by the time I was sixteen, Kate. You don’t get what this world has done to people…to me.”
“Why would your father let that happen?”
Hunter scoffed, and his jaw tightened.
“I think he figured I’d be a stronger General if I learned on the front lines. He came to the base officially when I was ten. He gave us reports of what had happened in the four years since The Fall, and then he let us know what was coming for us.”
I watched as his eyes flashed, and his face paled. He squeezed his eyes shut before shaking his head and opening them to meet mine. My chest hollowed as I stared at him.


Interested in more? Bloggers/Facebookers* who sign up for the cover reveal on 6/20/14 will receive an UNEDITED E-ARC galley from the publisher as soon as they become available. To sign up go HERE.

*Those that sign up but do not post will not receive a copy. All posts will be confirmed on 6/21/14.



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