Book Blogger Love-a-Thon Book Valentines!

Displaying Book Blogger Love-A-Thon 2014.jpg

The 3rd annual Blogger Love-a-Thon has officially began!

The Mini-Challenge I will be participating in today is the Mash Up Challenge! This is where we talk about some combined loves–like, for me, music and books! I’m going to share my go to writing playlist and favorite music videos of all time!

Now, you are all pretty aware that I’m a metal-screamo-heavy screamin-hot rockers kind of girl. This mix-up has everything from the heavy stuff that made my dad buy earplugs to the slightly squeaky squeals that make my husband’s heavy metal heart turn over (in agony–hey, we can’t agree on everything!)

  1. Sleeping with Sirens – Congratulations
  2. Bring Me the Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart
  3. Bring Me the Horizon – Shadow Moses
  4. Of Mice & Men – The Depths
  5. Sleeping with Sirens – Alone
  6. Of Mice & Men – Blame It
  7. Asking Alexandria – Right Now (Na Na Na)
  8. Sleeping with Sirens – If You Can’t Hold On
  9. Crown the Empire – Payphone
  10. Issues – Boyfriend
  11. Tyler Carter- Mirrors (Cover)
  12. Bring Me the Horizon – Go To Hell, for Heaven’s Sake
  13. 10 Years- Minus the Machine
  14. Woe is Me – Vengence
  15. Blessthefall – What’s Left of Me
  16. 32 Leaves – All is Numb
  17. Sting – Fortress Around Your Heart
  18. Maroon 5 – Payphone
  19. Choidos – Notes in Constellations
  20. Issues – Love Sex Riot

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