Teaser Tuesday

1 Teaser Tuesday HeaderFrom In Between Seasons:

“I’ll have you know that I actually can cook and quite well.”

“Like what? Mac n’ cheese from a box?” he said, an eyebrow raised.

“You’re a jerk…” I said, sighing and looking in the opposite direction. I really wasn’t sure what mac n’ cheese was, but I knew it wasn’t something good.

“I’m sure you’re a very talented cook. I can’t wait to see what you can do with all the food we have at the base,” he said, touching my shoulder and sending shivers down my spine. I didn’t want to turn and look into his eyes because I felt that if I did I might get lost in them, “You know I was joking right?” he asked, his tone serious.

Ah, what the hell.

“Yeah, of course,” I said as I looked over my shoulder at him, “I know you know I can outwit you any day.”

He stood brushing off his jeans and held out his hand to me, “Now, I’m not so sure about that one.”

“Thanks,” I said with a huff.

“But we do make a good team,” he commented, and his eyes showed me that he was sincere, “I just need to teach you a few life and death skills that don’t involve hiding in trees. I have a feeling that trick won’t work for too much longer.”

“You think someone else is tracking us?” I asked, looking around me and hugging my arms to my body.

“I just think someone might be looking for you, whether or not you think they would,” he replied, watching my reaction carefully.

“I’m not going back either way.”

He threw dirt over the fire and held his hand out to me, “Good. There’s a safe house about five miles from here. We won’t have to travel too much today and tonight we can sleep in real beds.”





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