Your mom seriously hates me…

“They’ll love her—my mom tends to love everyone…well, except you.”

I must have looked as green as I felt because Adam reached over and squeezed my knee.

“It’s going to be fine,” he reassured me.

“She won’t suspect anything is up from us driving in together, but she’s going to die if you kiss me or something.”

“That’s the first thing I’m going to do…stick my tongue down your throat,” he teased, pulling his lip ring into his mouth. “Oh, baby!”

I tipped my head back to look at the ceiling before turning to face him.

“Whoa! What did you just think of?” Adam asked with a chuckle at my expression.

“That!” I pointed at his lip ring; “Does she know about that yet?”

He moved his lips back and forth as he pursed them. “Not exactly.”


“Well, I took it out the past couple of times I went over and saw them.”

“You sissy!”

“Now she gets to see it and my tongue down your throat!”

“Are you trying to give her a heart attack?” I scorned.

“I’m not really going to stick my tongue down your throat,” he reminded me.

“Really? I think the effect of your arm around my waist will pretty much be the same,” I retorted as I sunk into my seat.



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