Death Consumes Me

“Nothing is worth your pain—not a God damned stupid tattoo, especially not one that matches the man you’ll marry someday.”
“Adam’s f***ed up, Daddy,” I replied.
“We all are. None of us saw this coming…none of us could imagine…”
“I don’t know if I can fix him…it’s like he’s not even there. He sobs, but doesn’t speak—he holds me, but only to hang on.”
“I know this won’t make things better, but it’s only been a few hours—eventually everything will settle.”
“I don’t think you’re right,” I replied.
I heard his car start. “I’ll be there as soon as traffic will allow. I love you, Duckie.”
“I love you, too.”
I hung up the phone and stared at the door again before standing and going to it. I placed my hand over the knob and pressed my face against the wood. His hands had touched these surfaces. It was the only thing left, pieces of him, scattered memories. Our childhood. Twenty years of happiness and he’d molded himself into a part of who I was. Now I was torn in two. I needed to stay strong for Adam, but I wanted to crawl in the same hole ***** would be buried in.
Flawed Perfection Coming March 2014


2 thoughts on “Death Consumes Me

    • If all goes well March 7, 2014– My fifth novel on my 25th birthday! That’s the hope, anyways. I’m going for finishing it by December so my editor and I can have a good two months to get it to perfection!

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