Last Day of the Birthday Bash!

Wow, has this week been amazing! Walking in the Shadows officially joined the ranks of Love Exactly as a bestseller on Amazon! It even reached #2 in YA Romantic Suspense novels–overall it ended up going below the 1,000 mark in the Kindle store! Thank you so much to everyone that picked up the novel for free. I’m always amazed at the outpouring of love from readers! If you enjoyed the novel, please don’t forget to write a review if you have time! I love reading them, and don’t forget to pick up any of my other novels. All are romances that I hope you will fall in love with! To celebrate the last day of the Birthday Bash don’t forget to enter the giveaway HERE for a free paperback! Today I have the poem that inspired the title of the novel along with the most popular quote from the book–Tad’s response to Vera’s poem.

I am threatened by the resolve that you are my soul. You are my being, you are every breath I take, you are my home, you are my sweet sin.


Untitled- Vera MacIntyre

All that guides me is fear,

And all that finds me is loss

Death defines which paths I cross

It is within the shadows that I stumble

And I am desperate without a voice

Here I am threatened by the resolve that you are

 my soul

But if my lies are the path that I have to wander

 because there is no choice

Will you love me still?

In the darkness of the night when I wish to do

nothing more than take flight?

Will you hold me to this plane and ease the

 suffering and pain?

When all you know is the truth

And all they see is the lies

Will I be the one you find, or the one you leave


Alone may be the only home I shall find

It’s your last day to pick it up for FREE!

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