The Temptation Could Be Too Great

Abigail became Vera, and her world started to settle. She fell in love, but then it was shattered. He’s her teacher, and the normal life she’d thought she had found again is gone. The relationship that put her back together is impossible…but what happens when the person you love knows you better than you know yourself? How long can they stay away knowing you’re in pain? When is the temptation too great?


I was beginning to get used to my new life and the loneliness it held. I ate breakfast alone, ate lunch with Jaz yammering in my ear and ate dinner in front of my flat screen. I was surprised I wasn’t talking to myself and going insane yet. It wasn’t normal for a person to be so alone, and it was even less normal for a teenager. I tried to tell myself I was getting used to it, but every single time I saw Tad the longing was still there, and it was perversely stronger with each class I had with him. I could handle it because I still was able to see him every day and now Jaz was reminding me that break was coming up and I would be even more alone.

“I’m so happy it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow! I love pie!” Jaz exclaimed as we took our seats in Tad’s class.

“Are you two attached at the hip?” Tad interjected as he looked over his coffee cup at us.

I rolled my eyes as Jaz turned and answered, “We’re besties.”

Tad held his cup over his mouth to cover his broad teasing smile. I wished I could smack him for it.

“Right, Vera?” Jaz asked, turning back to me.

“Well, seeing no one else talks to me…”

“That’s not true Vera. You just have selective friend radar. You know I’m awesome, so you hang out with me!”

“Yeah, that’s it selective friend radar,” I muttered with my eyebrows raised in mock horror, but Jaz didn’t notice.

“Back to the pies! What’s your favorite part of Turkey day?” Jaz probed resting her head on her hands on the back of chair.

I could tell that Tad wasn’t paying attention to the paper he was holding his red marker over because his eyes weren’t moving.

 “I don’t know.” I answered.

“Does your dad always cut the turkey? My dad does,” she responded as she rolled her eyes. “He has to be king of the turkey or something.”

“No, my mom used to carve the turkey,” I said, my eyes still on Tad.

“You feeling okay, Vera? You look pale?” Jaz asked, lifting her head up.

“Just thinking,” I replied, feeling my eyes go blurry. I was about to lose it, and no one could save me.

“Always a thinker, never a talker. What are you doing, Mr. Knightley?” Jaz asked, turning to face him.

 I took the opportunity to quickly wipe my eyes and take a deep breath. I needed to concentrate on something else…him.

“I usually eat over my aunt’s house with my dad and siblings,” he answered, still staring at the paper he wasn’t grading.

“Usually? Are you doing something different this year?” Jaz continued her questioning.

“Not sure some traditions need to be changed or modified. Don’t you think, Vera?” he suggested as he finally looked up.

“Family traditions are important,” I confirmed as I tried to tell him with my eyes that he shouldn’t be thinking otherwise.

He frowned at me. “What are you doing for Turkey Day?”

“Nothing,” I sighed, and I knew it wouldn’t help the cause. He was planning something, whether I liked it or not.

Jaz’s head shot around. “Your parents aren’t doing anything—at all?”

“Uh…well, sure…nothing special though,” I managed to mutter.

To see if Tad follows his temptation to save Vera, you’ll just have to pick up the novel. The best part? Well, it’s FREE!

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