Trailer Talk (It’s Halloween!)

Walking in the Shadows was released last year on Halloween…and I even dressed up! It was an interesting Halloween on the East Coast. Hurricane Sandy had pretty much demolished the coast line, and left my house without power for over a week. I managed to get Walking in the Shadows released in time, even without power! I can’t believe it’s been that long, and how very much has changed. To celebrate a year of accomplishments Walking in the Shadows is FREE! Make sure to pick up your copy and feed the deadly obsession!

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What did people say about WITS?

“Cassandra Giovanni has taken the student/teacher relationship and made it work.  Once we had that initial ‘oh no, he’s my teacher’ moment, I never really thought of it that way again. And it’s not because it wasn’t refereed to because it is but Vera and Tad are only a few years apart in age and add into that all that Vera has been through and she is much older and wiser that her years. In fact is was Vera who was the one pulling back from Tad in order to protect him and his job and Tad saying ‘screw the job!!’ But Tad and Vera are just naturally drawn to each other and one of the reasons is that Tad is just so protective and caring!! These two just fit together. Plain and simple!!

Outside of the romance there is the suspense and murder aspect of the book which was there throughout the story but really came into play in about the final third of the book once the serial killer again reared their ugly head. But for me it was definitely the authors easy flowing writing style and the romance that pulled me in and kept me engrossed in the story.”
-YA Book Addict Blog
“I loved the twist of the Crimson Reign aspect of the murders and I highly recommend you all read this book. The story was beautifully written and the ending was perfect, I was definitely tearing up! It was such a great book, I didn’t it to end.”
-Babbling of a Bookaholic Blog
“It’s become apparent to me that Giovanni knows how to write an addictive romance…Overall, this was a highly compelling book.  I loved the development of the characters and how they were well-rounded; I loved the flow. I especially loved the romantic plot line between Tad and Abbi.  I was honestly just glued to my seat, wanting to read more about the both of them, both individually and as a couple.  There was a beautiful mix of banter and seriousness.  If you’re an unashamed romance junkie like I am, I can definitely recommend this.”
– Reading Under The Stars Blog

Walking in the Shadows was my second novel, and the first one I did a full blown photo shoot just for the trailer. I wrote a script and matched the pictures to it. This book trailer was a lot of fun to created because I got to mingle my storyline with my photography and my husband’s music.  The true matter of it is, that it didn’t really help any sales. Stepping back I thought about the time I spent preparing for the trailer, and then looked at the views. It’s been a year, and it’s only had 83 views. It was fun, but hey–I could have been writing! So here it is, the trailer to the novel. My feeling on the trailer is this–it wasn’t all for not–you get to hear my amazing husband’s beautiful music.

Happy Halloween!


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