What Started the Novel?

tie bw

It’s a question that authors often face–what made you write this novel? In the end pinpointing one reason is absolutely impossible. Most of my inspiration comes from dreams–Walking in the Shadows started this way. I remember the dream about Abbi and Tad as if it was yesterday; the most poignant part was the kiss. The one that rocketed me out of my dreams and had me wondering, why did it feel so right but so wrong? Why did it feel like everything that was right with the world had suddenly been tilted on end, and now for some reason they couldn’t be together? The biggest question that lay in front of me was the fact of their ages. There didn’t appear to be a huge age gap–they were in a school auditorium, but he was dressed, well like a teacher. I had that feeling he was a teacher. Then one of my favorite all time songs started to echo in my head…Oh, Sting…you made it so much easier to write the novel.

Then there was the deeper issue–why was it as if they had been together before? The right, gone wrong? It was obvious they knew each other before, and they’d tried so hard to pretend it hadn’t–but something was now drawing them closer than before. Making it impossible for them to resist. She seemed so torn; whatever strength she’d had to push him away was obliterated by circumstances. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach; the growing feeling that something bad was happening to her, to them, something beyond anyone’s control. As I searched for an issue that fit the situation my mind was set on the book sitting on the table in front of my bed–by far not my favorite book…a book that inspired me to write again, because well, I didn’t like it. There it was vampires–everyone’s obsession, but what if that obsession were taken to the extreme? How could it destroy one person’s world, or many’s worlds? That’s how Walking in the Shadows was born. In layers of inspiration a dream, to a song, to a novel–to me typing at my computer.

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