Tattoo Diseaster

Excerpt from Flawed Perfection releasing 3/7/14:

Mom was still shaking her head at me. “Where is this thing?” she finally asked.

I shook my head at her, and she yelled in my face. “Where is it?”

I stepped back, pulling Adam with me.

“Screw you!” I hissed. “Screw both of you!”

I ran out of the yard, past Bobby who was suddenly looking panicked and like he cared what he had just done. He had every clue; he’d known before he said what he had what it would do. Mom was still harping on Adam’s tattoo after he’d had it for six years. She was still saying how disgusting and awful it was, and Bobby had put me directly in the line of fire to hurt me. He’d done it to hurt Adam; not realizing how much his mom’s words would hurt me as well.



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