Teaser from Flawed Perfection

A pillow suddenly struck me in the head. “Stop thinking about it! I know you’ve done it in this bed, but God, keep those thoughts kosher while I’m sitting on it!”

I snatched the pillow up and chucked it at her head. “You’re the one who told me all about tainting every surface in Adam’s apartment!”

“It was a fair warning!” she yelped back as she grabbed the pillow from the air and smacked me with it.

Then it was on, a full blown pillow fight ensued only stopping when a whistle came from the doorway.

“I honest to God thought this sort of thing never happened in real life!” Adam commented.

We both turned and dropped our pillows when we saw him. Caught red handed, at least we were both fully dressed so it wasn’t a full blown guy fantasy.

“I thought you’d come home and go to sleep?” I asked as I hopped down off the bed.

“I was going to, but then I heard some distinct squealing and was wondering what my girlfriend was up to,” Adam replied with a smirk.



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