School Girl


The intense look in his eyes made me want to do very bad things to him. I let my fingers run over his tie before wrapping it around them.

“Oh, what I could do to you if there weren’t small children in the general vicinity,” I replied.

Adam placed pressure on my backside, pulling me into him so his lips were hovering over mine. His eyes lingered on them before meeting mine.

“That’s very naughty,” his voice was gravely, and I knew he was thinking about it just the way I was.

“I have a desk in my bedroom,” I suggested, and I knew my cheeks were pink from the heat I felt there.

His chest rose. “I can be at your place at nine?”

“Isn’t that a little late for a school night?” I teased.

“I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyways,” he whispered back.

I heard the little feet running through the hallway and pulled away from him just as the kids flooded back into the room.

“Miss River—will you come back again sometime?” one of the small boys asked.

I looked over my shoulder at Adam who was cracking his knuckles as he took a deep breath.

“Only if Mr. Beckerson wants me to,” I replied.

“Mr. B, can your friend, Miss River, come and help you teach us again?” the boy asked with a huge grin as he slid his tiny hand into mine. There was no way he could have said no if he wanted to.

“Of course she can,” Adam replied with a smile that set my heart racing.

“See Miss River, we all love you—Mr. B does, too!”

I looked over my shoulder at Adam with the boys hand clasped in mine. Adam’s eyes were locked on me, and he nodded his head.

“Who couldn’t love her?” he replied.


*Please note this is an unedited teaser, and thus may contain grammar and spelling inefficiencies.


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