Work in Progress:Marketing the Tour

Right now the manuscript just came back from my Beta readers hands. She found some great typos, and pointed out some minor changes that need to be made. It’s still in the hands of my amazing editor, Whyte Rose Violet & Scribes, but should be back by the week’s end. While I wait to hear back I’ve been working on marketing the blog tour, as well as the full paperback cover. There will be a release day blitz hosted by Girls Heart Books on June 20th, and then two weeks of tours for the books. The first week, June 24-30 will also be hosted by Girls Heart Books. The second week, July 1-7 has been managed by me. It’s a huge task to take on, but I’m really happy with the way things are shaping up. Here is the schedule (just waiting to hear back from one of my author fabulous bloggers, Babblings of a Bookaholic), along with tour button.

blog tour button


Blog Tour Dates and Stops:

July 1:

·         Sara–

Excerpt and Playlist

·         Danielle–

Guest Post—Steamy Vs. Beautiful Sex Scenes

·         Amy–

Review and Favorites Excerpt


July 2:

·         Maggie—

(Possible) Review and Interview

·         Tiffany–

Dream Cast

·         My Guilty Obsession—

Review and My Favorite Excerpt (guest post/excerpt combo—my fav and why)


July 3:

·         Julie–

Guest Post—Pros and Cons of being Self-Published

·         Dee–

Review and Interview

·         Faith–

Faith’s choice playlist and dreamcast


July 4:

·         Nitzan-Katia Schwarz–

Guest Post—10 things I never thought I’d tell you

·         Rebekkah—

Character Interview—Evan

·         Kimberely—

Guest Post—Making Sparks Fly

·         Krystal–

Review and Evan’s Tattoo’s Guest Post 


July 5:

·         Tanya–

Guest Post-How I fell in love with writing again

·         Martha–


·         Mary Sue–



July 6:

·         Nicole–

Character Top 10—Evan’s for writing music

·         Vanessa–

·         Mandy–

Guest Post—YA Vs. NA

·         Jessica Tornese–

Guest Post—Writing Rituals (where I write)


July 7:

·         Krista–

Review and favorites excerpt

·         Kirsty–

Character Interview–Emma

·         Christine–

Review, Excerpt and playlist

Other exciting things happening will be the huge giveaway scavenger hunt. Each of the tour stops will have a bold term, which will earn an extra entry into the giveaway. What’s in the giveaway? Lots of great stuff, of course! There will be more to come on that later. New authors out there, blog tours are a huge part of a successful marketing plan. One thing to be clear is that they aren’t about increasing, but about increasing sales as well as exposure. This is about branding your style as an author and connecting with your readers. This is why giveaways are a great thing to have, the scavenger hunt is an even better way to get the readers involved on each stop. This is great marketing because each stop has something unique to offer, you solidify the want for the novel, and it also creates great marketing for the actual blogger who has assisted you by participating. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that blog tours are a lot of work, first there is the finding of bloggers, the organizing of the dates and the events. The events–that’s the biggest amount of work. There are a lot of posts to write, lists, character biographies and interviews. It’s ALL worth it, because honestly, just like writing a book, it’s amazing fun! I can’t wait for you to see the different posts on the tours!

As for the paperback cover–I’m having some trouble choosing the back cover photograph. Here are the choices. What do you think? It will be set to the lower right corner and will fade into the black background of the cover, and in case you are wondering, yes that is me.

back1 back2


6 thoughts on “Work in Progress:Marketing the Tour

  1. Looking forward to the blog tour 🙂 I kinda like the first photo better, it looks a little more mysterious with the hair blocking the face, and I like the look of the guitar.

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  3. I agree with the first photo now. 🙂 It does give it that mysterious look. I showed it to one other person here and that was their pick too 😀

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