Muse Monday

Yes! That’s right, it’s back! Well, at least today it is. I can’t guarantee anything for next week… Then again it is Tuesday, and I completely forgot because of Memorial Day! Anyways, this week I’ve been listening to a lot of Bury Tomorrow.  I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that they released a new CD, albeit, last year. It’s not my fault that being a writer I live in a cave. 😉 I’ve been having to think about what Evan’s playlist would be for one of my blog tours, and I feel like this song would make it. The thing about Evan is, although he plays a rock-pop music like say Maroon 5, he’s a metal guy at heart. Metal just doesn’t sell as well as what he’s playing. He loves both either way, but he tends to find himself listening to more metal to mix it up, because his band can’t really play it. Here’s one of Evan’s top songs (can you believe that scream comes out of that tiny guy??):


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