Oh, Snap!

You may have noticed some things have change a bit on my Facebook, Goodreads, and now here. There seems to be something missing, or different…There isn’t anything about Just One Cup. The book is still going to be released June 20, 2013, so no worries there. It’s just no longer called Just One Cup. It’s called Love Exactly. The reason I changed the title was because of something my husband had said. When we did the photo shoot he was determined that it just didn’t make sense. I told him it was perfect for the novel. He said the title didn’t make sense then. I didn’t really start to think about it, but then it kept nagging at me, even in my sleep, and as I was doing the draft two edits. There was one thing that stuck out as a theme through out the book, something that fit better with the novel and the cover. It was Love Exactly. It’s a part of a discussion from Evan and Emma’s first date, it’s the name of the song he writes her, and it’s the name of the song that is nominated for a Grammy. Just One Cup was a good draft name, because it was the scene that began the novel. As I thought of it I saw the new fonts for the title on the cover, and I fell in love–if only I could do it. I’m glad to say I did. What’s better is that it just feels right–something before didn’t. I look at this and go, yes–that’s it! This is one of the pleasures of being Indie; I get to make these decisions. In the end I believe it will be better from a marketing perspective because it makes more sense in the context of the novel, but it also fits the cover better. It also says exactly what it is, a love story. In other exciting news I will have the draft back from the editor and a select friend by the end of the week! That means once those edits are done, and there is one last run through by the editor that it can go into the ARC winners hands–those that are participating in the blog tours, and that participated in the cover reveal! Are you excited? Without further ado, I introduce you to the new cover and title for Love Exactly. What do you think? Oh, and don’t forget to pick your favorite “grab me” button and post it on your blog or website!

love exatly


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