Just One Cup 50% Ready for the Editor

JEFFSo first, I’d like to apologize for my lack of regimen in my posts as of late. I haven’t posted anything on Sales for quite a few weeks, but that’s because I’m working on sales! That’s the thing about writing a book, when it comes to the final stretch it’s hard to concentrate on anything but editing. My life has been quite hectic besides this as well, and on top of it I’ve had severe headaches almost everyday for two weeks. I’ll be starting another semester of school shortly, almost on spot with the release of Just One Cup, and even more stressful stuff. At any rate, you don’t want to hear excuses. I promise once JOC is off to the editor I will start up Sales Saturday again. I have a book full of ideas that I just haven’t had the time to type up. The last two parts of the marketing plan, book swag, and professionalism vs. personality, to just name a few. I digress, the main point is here are the updates for the editing process over the last week:

05/18 100.0% “Now I need to upload the changes to word…my list favorite part !!!”
05/21 page 95 27.0% “Ha…some typos are just funny: “I don’t want the band to bounce on you just yet…” *giggles to self* boy, am I glad I found that one…” 1 comment
05/21 page 163 47.0% “Love it when someone gets slapped! Go Emma! (Hey, I couldn’t kill anyone off…so someone had to get their butt handed to them, right?) ;)”

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