Just One Cup Draft Two

fix you

05/09 page 246 74.0% “I have no clue what chapter I’m on anymore. I’ve added so much at this point–I think I’ve seen 4 different headers that said Chapter 19…At any rate, he just told her he loves her…in front of the whole world. She feels like a @$$. Who can blame her? She made some dumb decisions to get her sitting in front of the TV watching instead of there with him.”
05/09 page 249 73.0% “Oh…man…just realized that I am using the “tilted my chin up” like WAY too much. I’m using the find now button to find anything that says “tilt” or “tilted” and deleting or changing it…”
05/12 page 253 74.0% “Progress is slow at this point. I’m not changing much, but I find myself adding things or just stopping and thinking to myself…I wrote this. I finally wrote our story. This is the thing, my husband and I went through some really bad crap. I’ve never really dealt with my past until now. What makes a story “based on a true” one? I’m starting to wonder, but know this…as rough as it is–this is based off of my life.”
05/12 page 281 82.0% “There was no judgment in his eyes even when he didn’t understand; there was just a soft knowledge that in the end if it was just me and him, that was all that mattered.
Almost there…”
05/12 page 281 82.0% “How does forever sound?
05/13 13.0% “It’s so cute! Already found some changes to make.”
05/13 21.0% “I’d been in the darkest corners of my mind. I’d fought against doubt, insecurity, and I’d put up a shield even I couldn’t get past… Starting to see that using the word that is a passive mistake. See, my favorite editor, I do listen!!”
05/13 27.0% “The flows feeling better, but I think I need to slow down the first few chapters…add in some more about her at work or something boring…too much excitement all at once. What do you like–jumping right in or a little background and bore??” 2 comments
05/14 33.0% “I have to chuckle at myself: The only issue was the fact that I was thinking about smothering him in the hot chocolate syrup. I gave him a weak smile and closed my eyes as I tried to wash the image away. Now I was the one who needed a cold shower.”
05/14 40.0% “For a 50K book this is a quick read. I wonder if it’s a bad thing…some of my other novels people have commented the same–saying they are novellas, when in fact they are well over the 40K max of a novella. It’s not that they don’t have depth–they do. You just get swept away in the story line…if I do say so myself…”
05/15 45.0% “Just merged two chapters (which ones…not sure seeing the chapter headings aren’t correct right now)…There was no transition and it moved better as one whole chapter.”
05/15 55.0% “There they were. The words that cut slivers of guilt out of soul, ones that had mismatched when it had shattered the last time.”
05/15 74.0% “I’ve decided on three additional chapters thus far that need to be added. I think this will help with the flow in the beginning of the book and give a little more background about the MC and her life/relationships outside of Evan. I’m still hoping to be done and able to get this to my editor by Sunday night, though. Hopefully, we can work together to get this done before my financial accounting class starts…;)”



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