Sales Sunday: Cover Catastrophe

Readers Do Judge A Book By The Cover

A huge part of the marketing of a book is going to be the cover. It’s the first thing that the reader sees, and it’s one of the things that the advertisements of all novels are based off of. That’s why having a unique book cover is so important, yet often times unique isn’t what happens. What occurs is a cover catastrophe–book covers end up being unlike butterfly–they become twins. I believe that book covers should be like butterflies–beautiful, but no two are exactly alike. This doesn’t always happen, and the result is often a confused reader who is trying to recall if the already added that book to their TBR pile, or if it was a book they read and didn’t like, they associate that with your book even though it’s not the same novel. Then there’s an even worse result–there’s whole lists on Goodreads where readers list books that have the same or similar covers. Not only that, they rant and rave about how much it bugs them! I should say that book covers should be very different from each other, because butterflies can look similar but aren’t. It’s the same thing with book covers. The stock photograph is the same, but the font is different, or the girl has had some different clothes Photoshopped onto her, or various other things. The result is still the same–readers see it and think it’s the same book, or they immediately recognize it to be the cover of the other book as well, and then you end up on a list. Here are some links to those very lists:

Cover Clones!

Cover Couples

Same Cover, Different Book

These don’t include the countless threads in the countless different groups that talk about this very same thing! So why does this happen? There are a couple of reasons: the authors used the same cover designer, the designer used the same stock photograph site, the author didn’t realize that some one else already used that cover, it’s the most cost-effective choice for the author or the publisher. The funny part is, that sometimes the SAME publisher will even use the SAME cover again. I can’t understand that for the life of me, especially as an author who looks at each book as an individual. Your book is an individual and it deserves to be respected and recognized as one! It deserves to have it’s very own unique cover! So how do you get around the cover cloning that is now becoming popular in the publishing world:

  • You design your own covers (cost-effective, but time consuming)
  • You make sure that the stock photograph hasn’t been used before (damn near impossible to do)
  • You buy the rights to the photograph so no one else can use it (very expensive)
  • You hire a cover designer who uses a lesser known photography stock site (it won’t guarantee the photograph won’t be another book’s cover, but it will slight the chances of it)
  • You ask the book cover designer to composite several different pieces into one cover (this doesn’t always work because often the cover models are reused and recomposited several times anyways, i.e. the models from Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux Series)
  • You hire a cover designer who uses their own photography to design covers, and who guarantees that they will not use the photograph again

You have options to avoid a cover catastrophe and they all have different price ranges, from nothing but your own time, to a lot of money to purchase a photograph so it won’t be used again, but smack in the middle is Gio Design Studios.  Here comes the selfless self-promotion: Actually, I’ve noticed that our pricing is quite lower than those that use stock photography and recomposite it as a drawing or change other features in the art. Whatever route you choose, respect your book and give it the best possible cover you can–one that is as unique and beautiful as the story within. After all, it’s More Than Just A Book.

Some of those beautiful butterflies:

Evermore (The Immortals, #1) North of Beautiful Selina Penaluna Simplicity

Intangible (Intangible, #1)Glimpse (Zellie Wells, #1)

Learn more about Gio Design Studios custom cover designs HERE


4 thoughts on “Sales Sunday: Cover Catastrophe

  1. Ah yes! I ABSOLUTELY loathe when multiple books have the same daing cover!
    If you’re trying to be original and unique then you should care what the cover looks like!!!

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