Just One Cup Updates

Who wants to see another one of the covers that didn’t make it? You do? Well, alright then! Check it out and my updates for this weeks progress in editing! So, what do you think? Do you like this cover better? How does the editing sound to you?

coffee guitarglowcal

5/06 page 132 44.0% “The graveyard photography scene is fast becoming my fav.”I’m sure they’re proud of you,” I tried to reassure him, but I could tell from the way his jaw had tightened that this was something he had been dealing with for a long time.
His eyes met mine and he reached up to touch my face. “I know…but it doesn’t change the fact that I was their only child, and I abandoned them for a life that they never approved of.””
05/06 page 171 56.0% “This is me…
We fight a war with our pasts–with ourselves. We search for a hero, when all we really need is to be the hero for our self. The person you need in that darkness isn’t someone who is stronger than you–it’s a you that’s stronger than what’s tearing you down. WE choose our paths. WE let others hold us down. WE can be heroes for ourselves. Chapter 15 shows me that as I re-read it.”
05/06 page 208 69.0% “Book just went form 300 to 320 pages…
“I’m not trying to fix you. I don’t think you’re broken. That’s all on you. I’m just trying to show you that the only one standing in your way is you.””
05/06 page 219 68.0% “Breaking for lunch…before my husband gets mad that I’ve only spoken two words to him today…At least it was “love you” ;)” 1 comment
05/08 page 226 70.0% “Just added another 3000 words…whoops”

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